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No description

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of SPEAK

By: Laurie Halse Anderson
Prezi by Jade King
Main Characters
Melinda was raped at an end of the year party and she refuses to tell anybody what happened.
Melinda Sordino is going into her first year of highschool alone and depressed after calling the cops at a summer party.
Melinda is constantly harassed at school everyday and has nobody to talk to because everyone hates her.
A.K.A. "IT. " This is not the first time he has gotten away with rape because of how good looking and popular he is.
The setting of Speak is taken place in Syracuse, New York at Merryweather Highschool probably in the later 90's.
After gaining a years worth of trust and friendship with her art teacher Mr.Freeman, she finally has the courage to tell what happened at the party
A lonely depressing journey and also very tense because of what she's hiding from everyone.
"I wonder how long it would take for everyone to notice I just stopped talking," Melinda Sordino.
I believe the theme of this book is about secrets. Secrets can tear you inside out even if it's your own.

I've learned rape is a serious thing. If you know someone or have been involved with any kind of sexual harassment you can contact "RAINN" at 1-800-656-HOPE
The art teacher that tries to understand Melinda throughout the year. He also is the main person thats gets her speaking again.
Melindas ex- bestfriends. After Melinda calls the cops at the party, they stop talking to her. Rachel starts dating Andy Evans.
Everyone thinks she was ratting them out but really she was raped by Andy Evans and was trying to receive help.
Melinda is alienated and
pushed away by
She has no one to
talk to until she finds a friendship with Mr.Freeman.
The novel made me feel upset because she had no one there for her but, encouraged because it makes me want to be more involved.
My personal response...
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