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This is a Prezi about Swimming and how to Swim

Alfie Year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Swimming

Swimming is amazing! Why you ask? Swimming is a great exercise and swimming clubs are a great place to meet lots of lovely people. Swimming is awesome because if you like water this is the sport for you. It is fun so come and join your local swimmming club NOW. Please look at the websites below for more details:

www.portisheadopenairpool.org.uk/ swimming By Alfie and Yasmin Swimming is a really fun sport. There are 5 different types of strokes eg: breast-stroke, front- crawl, butterfly and back- stroke There are lots of Olympic swimmers eg. Rebecca Adlington, Danial Fogg and many more The front crawl stroke is where you bring your elbow out first, move your arm up so it brushes past your ear then your baby finger touches the water first. In breast stroke your arms move out in front of you, but do not let them out of your sight, also your legs move in a froggy movement. In back stroke you lie on your back, kick your legs and move your arms straight up in a windmill like motion. Butterfly is the hardest stroke for most people it tires you out quite quickly. What you do is raise your arms above your head and kick your legs like a dolphin tail. Image from Bing images Image from Bing images
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