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Independently Learn about Pinellas Preparatory Academy.

nadine haskey

on 19 January 2011

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Transaction processing deals with each set of data from a user as it is submitted. An example would be in an airline seat reservation system, if processing was not done immediately you could end up with double bookings Transaction Processing Batch Processing Interactive Processing Specials Extracurricular Dissemination Of Information Data Warehousing What can ICT provide Online
Tools Occurs when the data can be gathered over a period of time then processed at once, particularly if the output is not required immediatley For example some stores with their own debit cards use this system as it is more cost effective to connect to head office once a day than have an expensive line open all day Language Arts Science Academics Math Ways in which data
can be presented Storage of Large Amounts of Information and Data Warehousing Electronic Banking Electronic Mail Ordering Processing of Bills Processing Large Amounts of Customer Information Instant Processing Storage of large amounts of
historical data in a strutted
way An outline of how information
should be presented which also
outlines how data should be
presented An example of batch processing would a payroll system. This has both features: output is not required immediately and the data is gathered and processed once a month The paper documents are collected into batches of 50 totals are calculated
Date is keyed in offline and validated by a computer program
The data is varified by being keyed in a second time
The transaction file is transferred to the main computer
Processing begins at a scheduled time maybe overnight Interactive processing means you are interacting
with the computer but it does not necessarily mean that the
processing is done immediately. Computer Printouts Report of Key Info Display Monitor Slide Show from Computer
Graphics Package Diagrams Photos Orally Videoconferencing Company Wide Intranet Internal Network
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