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Six characteristics of research

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Amanda Admire

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Six characteristics of research

Research begins with a problem/question

This can be the hardest part of research

At the heart of all research is questions and answers
Generally, research projects should:
a) address an important question and
b) advance knowledge
Research requires careful thought and organization
Research is planned, orderly, and
proceeds in a careful, step-by-step
Research is....
1. Research starts with questions
2. Research is systematic
Six characteristics of research
a systematic process of collecting and analyzing information (data)
used to increase our understanding of a phenomena
3. Research is replicable
Research should be able to be
reproduced by others, stemming
from the systematic, step-by-step
Research studies are replicated to ensure the results are valid
Example, I conduct a study and find that studying while listening to music helps students retain information
Ten other studies also look at the relationship between listening to music and retention, and find the same thing
4. Research is reflexive and self-critical
The research process
is examined and flaws or threats to validity are reported
There is no such thing as perfect research

All research projects have limitations and those limitations should be reported, rather than hidden
5. Research is cumulative
Research is guided by previously conducted research (purpose of your literature review is to find out what previous research has found, any limitations of past research that you are addressing, etc. )
Past research helps us learn about our topic and aids us in avoiding past mistakes
6. Research is cyclical
Research ends up back where it started - with questions

New questions emerge based upon answers to previous questions
Identify one or two examples of each research characteristic
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