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Immigration, The Great Depression, and Of Mice and Men

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on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Immigration, The Great Depression, and Of Mice and Men

Immigration, The Great Depression, and Of Mice and Men

People of all ages traveled to America. The idea of a new land and a new life brought hope to many peopole
When these immigrants reached America, they had to struggle survive.
All of these new people, competing for jobs affected the economy negatively, and may have been a factor in the great depression.
The book, Of Mice and Men, takes place in the great depression, and focuses on migrant workers.
Of Mice and Men focuses on two main Characters, Lennie and George. They are two migrant workers who have a dream about owning land together.
George is the brains of the operation. He has a sharp tongue but is protective of Lennie. He is small with defined and chiseled features.
Lennie is a gentle giant who follows George's orders the best he can. He has the brain of a child but the strength of a man. He has a bad habit of snapping the necks of mice by accident.
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