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Immune system

Biology Project in Prezi

Joaquin Greenhill

on 16 November 2010

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Transcript of Immune system

IMMUNE SYSTEM Against... PATHOGENS Overview of Human Immune System Structure & Function

White Blood Cells:
B & T Lymphocytes

Antibodies Types of Immunity Active & Passive Immunity

Natural & Artificial Immunity Vaccines Successful Vaccine

Unsuccessful Vaccine Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Causes


Treatment NATURAL ARTIFICIAL ACTIVE PASSIVE Smallpox Disease (successful) Measles (unsuccessful) Smallpox vaccine = Success, because:
No antigenic shifts of drifts
Vaccine made from live harmless similar virus
Resistant to high Tº
Infected people were easily identified
Animals were unaffected Measles vaccine = No success, because:
Virus spreads easily (airborne droplets)
Specially in cities with high birth rates and shifting population
Needs a herd immunity of 93-95% to prevent transmission(That's a lot!) An autoimmune disease which causes a cronic inflamation in the thyroid gland.
It is more common in women that men (14:1), normally in people between 20-30 years-old. Effects:
Skin dryness
Sensation of coldness
Hair falling
Loss of concentration
Bad memory
Increase in weight
Low tone of voice
Cramps Treatment: Replacing the Thyroid hormone with synthetic ones such as levothyroxine Causes: The causes are still unknown.
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