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Battle for the Constitution

No description

James Marshall

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Battle for the Constitution

The Constitution would include a .
A list of 10 things the federal government

Wanted to the federal governments power.
Wanted there to be levels between the federal, state, and local government.
Wanted a central government.
There would be two ( ) groups of people who made rules in the new government.
One group would be based on the size of the state.
The other would be equal, no matter how big or small the state is.
Called the
Said that each state would get equal votes when the new government made rules.
They didn’t want to be pushed around by the bigger states.
Small states liked this plan.
The New Jersey Plan
It said that the BIG states would get more votes when the new government made rules because they had more people.
states liked this plan.
The Virginia Plan
The new country needs a plan for making laws and handling money.
This new “rulebook” would be called the Constitution.
Battle for the Constitution
Passing the Constitution
This group is called
Were afraid a strong central government would take away the rights of the
Bill of Rights
could not do.
What does this group kind of look like???
Making the Constitution
Where did they get this idea??
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