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The City of Bones

This is my book report on The City of Bones. Enjoy!

Mira Plante

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of The City of Bones

The City of Bones
The City of Bones

Mira Plante Period 6
Clary Fray is just a regular sixteen-year old girl in an all-ages nightclub partying the night away with her friend, Simon, when she sees a murder committed by a group of teens covered in scars. After confronting them, she finds out that they are Shadowhunters. When Clary comes home, she opens the door to a ransacked house. She starts feverishly looking for her mother, but she finds a terrifying demon instead.
Rising Action
Clary is attacked by a Ravener demon in her own home.
The Inciting Incident
The inciting incident was when Clary and Jace first meet. They meet in the all-ages nightclub, Pandemonium. Clary sees Jace and his friends killing a blue-haired teenager. She tries to stop them, but is instead educated by Jace about what the teenager is and why they have to kill him. This starts Clary's journey as a Shadowhunter.
One of the protagonists is Clary. Clary is a teenage Shadowhunter raised as a mundane. However, Clary has been gifted with the Sight, so she can see other Shadowhunters and some demons. She is usually a very sarcastic, stubborn character, but also has a caring, sympathetic side. Clary has shimmering green eyes, wavy red hair, and average height.
By Cassandra Clare
By Cassandra Clare
Jace and Clary go after Clary's mundane friend Simon, who has been turned into a rat and taken by vampires.
The other protagonist is Jace, a Shadowhunter who was abandoned by his father and taken in by the Lightwoods. Jace is a romantic, reckless and sometimes arrogant character. Jace has golden blond hair, tan skin, and eyes "the color of golden syrup".
This book mostly takes part in New York City.
The time period of this book is modern. There are cellphones, cars, and people wearing modern clothing.
There are many moods in this book.
The main conflict Clary faces is the struggle against Valentine. Some of the many challenges that Valentine throws at Clary are summoning demons and kidnapping her mother.
The Antagonist
The Conflict
The antagonist of the story is Valentine. Valentine is a Shadowhunter that wants to destroy all the Downworlders to create a perfect world. He betrays his own people to try to achieve this goal.
Review by Mira Plante
Minor Characters
He provides a ride for the gang. Without Simon, Clary and the Shadowhunters would have to walk, and that would take them longer to achieve their goals.
Simon gets kidnapped, and a series of events occur as Jace and Clary try to save him. This allows Jace and Clary to have time together and makes their relationship stronger.
The climax is the final battle between Jace and Valentine. In this scene, Valentine and Jace face off in a sword duel. Clary helps out, too.
Jace doesn't change very much over the course of the story, but his existing traits grow. He becomes more romantic towards Clary, and makes the funniest jokes at just the right times. He learns how to be less overconfident, too.
Changes in the Protagonists
At first, Clary is an ordinary, fun-loving, boy-crazy mundane that is oblivious to the demons around her. Later in the book, Clary becomes a gifted Shadowhunter out to rid the world of demons, find her mother, and ultimately, destroy Valentine.
Loose Ends
This book is followed by a sequel. Therefore, the book ends with a cliffhanger. I have noticed that in a series, the resolution of the previous story is usually part of the exposition of the next story. Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and can't wait to get the sequel.
I would definitely recommend this page-turner. It was really enjoyable. Anyone that loves action and adventure books, romance, funny jokes, and fantasy books will enjoy this book a lot. This book is for mature seventh and eighth grade boys and girls.
This book is sad in many different parts. When Clary finds her home in a wreck and her mother gone, the mood of the story is sad.
Another part when the mood of the story is sad is when Clary hears that Jace was abused, then abandoned by his father.
After her mother disappears, Clary calls her foster father, Luke, for comfort, but he rejects her as his child. This is also a section when the mood of the story is sad.
There are many times when there is a scared mood.
Another time the mood is scared is when Clary and Jace confront Valentine. This mood is scared because Valentine wants to kill them.
When Clary is in the nightclub and sees a group of teenagers with swords and knives enter a room and murder someone, the mood is confused because Clary and I were wondering why anyone would murder someone else.
Isabelle is the character that 'introduces' the Institute to Clary.
Isabelle is part of the team that kills the blue-haired boy in the beginning of the story. She is the one that obliviously leads Clary to where the Shadowhunters were killing the boy. Without her, Clary would never have started her journey.
Alec saves Jace countless times over the course of the book. If Alec was not there, Jace would have been dead.
Hodge is the mentor of the Shadowhunters living in the Institute. He guides Clary, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec along the way, and heals all of their injuries.
Hodge is also important to the plot because later on in the book, he is not what he seems, in a bad way.
Valentine is about six feet tall, muscular, and has hair almost as white as snow.

Clary is wounded, and Jace takes her to the Institute.
Clary pays a visit to Magnus Bane, a warlock that put a spell on her.
The Shadowhunters discover the location of the Mortal Cup, a chalice that can turn mundanes into Shadowhunters.
Isabelle, Alec, Jace, Clary, and Simon get the Mortal Cup, but Alec is wounded in the process.
The cup is stolen by a traitorous friend.
Clary sets out to try to regain the Mortal Cup.
Special Words Used in this Book
Shadowhunter/Nephilim- a cross between an angel and a human
Mundane- a human that does not have any special powers
Downworlders- faeries, werewolves, warlocks, and vampires
The mood is scared when Clary fights for her life against a hideous Ravener demon at her house.
At the beginning of the book , the mood is confused.
Alec is also part of the team of Shadowhunters that kills the blure-haired boy. After the demon leaps on Jace's back, Alec saves him.
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