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Motivations of Hamlet

No description

Rachel Knox

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Motivations of Hamlet

Motivations of Hamlet Objectives:
Delve deeper into the text by examining it from different perspectives. Oedipus Complex Madness "I See Dead People" It's Up to You Film continued Oedipus as a Motivation Act III, Scene iv. in Film Brief Description Why Vengeance? Important Scenes Vengeance Father's ghost reveals to Hamlet that Claudius poisoned him.
Claudius is now the king of Denmark and married to Gertrude, Hamlet's mother.
Father's ghost charges Hamlet with mission to avenge his death. Act III, scene iii.
Claudius prays
Act III, scene iv.
Hamlet mistakenly murders Polonius
Act V, scene ii.
Finale Term used by Sigmund Freud
Stems from Oedipus Rex
Son is jealous of father over affections for the mother. Due to this, the son desires to kill father in order to be closer to his mother.
This is usually viewed from a sexually. Hamlet is going to kill Claudius because he is jealous that Claudius married his mother instead of him.
Bedchamber scene.
This is the scene that most individuals associate with the Oedipus Complex.
Hamlet and his mother share a passionate conversation in her bedchamber, a bed is present Directors approach the bedchamber scene in different ways. Some will include an Oedipus undertone while others avoid it.
Things to look for:
Age of Gertrude
How the bed is used in the scene Mel Gibson's version of Hamlet shows a strong influence of the Oedipus Complex in the scene between Gertrude and Hamlet. Some individuals believe that Hamlet loses his sanity as the drama continues.
Certain scenes in this play have been marked as proving this motivation. Act II, scene ii.
The fact that Hamlet "sees" his father's ghost is believed to support this motivation. Ultimately, you get to decide which motivation of Hamlet you would prefer to believe. However, it is important to be able to recognize each of the three motivations we have mentioned and understand how they relate to the text.
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