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New Member Educator

No description

cherise gruber

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of New Member Educator

Planning & Being Prepared
People Person

want to get involved
be more and do more
making my sisters proud
being proud of how I run my position
Time Management
Volunteer, Class, Work.

knowing what is important
-giving 100%
-Balancing everything out
Understandable Language
Starting NOW!
Giving everyone a voice
-including the new girls

Looking past bid day
Bonding time
sisterhoods right away -Sisterhood chair
doing more with penguin pals
More than weekly dinner
attending fundraisers- fund raising chair
Working with Ritual position for various ceremonies
My Sister, My friend, and bylaws
My Sister, My Friend- More than reading out of the book
Bylaws- Putting them into words and situations that have little room for miscommunication.

communication is key!!
You can count on me
ready and eager to take on this position

Being Involved
- giving them a calender with events mandatory to Theta Phi, but also events around campus.
- possibly adding new members to GUINS group (optional for them)
- "Penguin Play Dates" to find Big/Little matches
*involving all the current actives and also following initiation getting input from the initiates*
New Member Educator

Meeting with other chair members
-becoming the go-to-girl for 50+ women and having the time to be there for all of them
-months following bid day
-new girls 24/7

Seeing the bigger picture
-it's not just bid day
balance out the responsibilities
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