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scavenger hunt

"puzzling" questions

eloise leibnitz-armstrong

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of scavenger hunt

Welcome to my elli scavenger hunt! tic toc tic toc
makes me want to look above the _____ since rhyming is so much fun,
lets look at the elli sun time for hitting down my head
i think ill lay down on my ___ where are your clothes? pharoah's thrones and a mummified cap
where is that on the ___? i think i am hungry most,
lets go get a peice of _____ grandmary hubbord will look in the _______
(cups) good day to you . i tip my hat
please step on my welcome ___ c_i_c_e_ c_g_ take me out and scratch my head, i am now black but once was red. what am I? dont worry i am not a fable
but look under the kitchen _____ want something nice?
use the basil spice a little sweet child will be a make-a
look at the magnet of skye raike to bake a cake you need a blender,
to know the date you need ________ you need sonya? ya ive seen her
she was using the vaccum _______ this is the last this is the end
look at containers that you send. The End! TA DA!! This is the official end of
Elli's Scavenger Hunt.
Thanks for watching! BYE!!! BYE!!!
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