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Tokyo Organic Ramen

BU599 Professional Applied Project

Akiko Sugie

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Tokyo Organic Ramen

“Tasty & Healthy, try a new look organic Ramen” Tokyo Organic Ramen What is Ramen??? *One of soul foods of Japanese.

*Quick, inexpensive street food for students.

*Traditionally, majority of customers in ramen shops tends to be men.

*High in calories and sodium, and low in vitamins and fiber. "RAMEN" "Tokyo Organic Ramen’s mission is to give people great quality of life with fresh nutritional
products in a social environment and to expand the recognition of Ramen as Japanese culture." Mission Statement "To increase sales to $1.0 million by the third year, and open a second place in Hermosa Beach
and a third place in Huntington Beach by the fifth year. " Vision Statement *Tokyo Organic Ramen will offer authentic/creative Ramen, other Japanese dishes as appetizers, desserts and organic drinks.

*Tokyo Organic Ramen will focus on fresh and safe foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.

*mainly serve a bowl of ramen, organic wheat noodles and rich flavor soup of Bonito, chicken or pork bone broth with fresh organic vegetables and meat or sea foods as toppings.

*Tokyo Organic Ramen will be a limited liability Company (LLC).

*The initial investment amount will be $160,500. Business Description *Tokyo Organic Ramen will be 2,000 square foot and located on Wilshire Blvd in Santa
Monica, California.

*The restaurant will be located on the ground floor of a mixed-use building which has covered parking and tremendous exposure to Wilshire Blvd with large windows.

*Tokyo Organic Ramen will be in a trendy and prime neighborhood within two blocks of the Third Street Promenade.

* A plenty of public parking is available around the area as well. Company Location Why Santa Monica?? Because..... -Both male and female including vegetarians
-very health conscious people
-Age: 25 -54.
-A bachelor degree or higher
- Middle income or higher level. Target Customer Targeted Core groups Because..... Why Ramen?? Why Organic food?? *Ramen $13.95~$16.95

*Toppings $1.50~$3.95

*Bowls/ Fried Rice $8.95~$11.95

*Appetizers $6.95~$11.95

-Fruits Juice $5.25/ Iced tea $3.25
-Organic sake $12 (a glass)
-Organic beer $6
-Organic wine $10.95~$13.95 (a glass) Menus
-Unique/Fresh/Organic/healthier Ramen menu
-A larger selection of extra toppings available
-Vegetarian friendly environment
-Accessible and convenient location
-First ramen shop in the area (Santa Monica Downtown)

-Higher prices of products
-Lower recognition of ramen
-Ramen's unhealthy image

-Large number of tourists
-High average of income in the area
-Increase of organic foods demand
-Increase of ramen fever

-Continuous global recession
-Increase of unemployment rate
-Increase of costs of materials
-Natural disaster/ bad conditions of weather *There are 5 Whole foods Market stores, which is a world’s No.1 natural and
organic foods retailer, within only 5 miles from Santa Monica Downtown.

*An average household income of $109,464. (US Census Bureau 2010)

*Santa Monica has experienced the significant growth in terms of job numbers, tourism and other activities.

*Santa Monica is home to a number of film and television production, game
development, and tech companies based in Santa Monica.

*Approximately 6.2 million people visited Santa Monica city with amount of money spent of $1.1 billion in 2009 (www.surfsantamonica.com). *Create a strong connection with the local communities and people by engaging in projects of Santa Monica such as Good Food Festival. Keys to Success *Many people are getting more concerned about food safety and nutritions these days, especially when they go out to eat.

*The United States organic food market has also grown by 7.7% with a value of $26.7 billion in 2010 (Datamoniotor).

In 2015, the market is projected to have a value of $40.1 billion with an increase of 50% since then

*The United States accounts for 45.3% of the global organic food market value (Datamonitor).

*No Ramen shops offer organic ramen yet. No Ramen shops combine the concepts of Ramen and organic foods yet. Because.... See Table2 for start-up costs Start-up Cost Summary -Ramen fever has hit urban areas in the United States just a few short years ago. And, Ramen shops have recently popped up with high speed in New York and Los Angeles as the ramen fan is rapidly increasing. Because..... *Start-up Epenses

*Start-up Assets
Total $98,500
-Cash $50,000
-Inventory $11,500
-Long-term Assets $37,000 LA Ramen Map Tokyo Organic Ramen Ramen SWOT Analysis -Organic Restaurants
-Ramen shops Competitors Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Nice, Modern interiors, intriguing atmospher with excellent Healthy, Nutritional,
beautiful look, New style Ramen Safe and great
quality of organic foods *Create a strong connection as a team within employees by implementing the Japanese
operation management philosophy as Kaizen through a daily-basis staff meeting. Keys to Success *Create a women and vegetarians
friendly environment by attracting
them with our original
unique and healthy menu. Address: 507 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica
CA 90401
(5th street + Wilshire Blvd)

Parking: Covered parking available in the
building. Also, a plenty of public
parking available in the area. Why Tokyo Organic Ramen???? Because.... Characteristics of traditional Ramen shops Location of Organic restaurants Location of Ramen shops Marketing Strategy Positioning Strategy Pricing Strategy Tokyo Organic Ramen will normally employ ten people as following at the start of business. Personal Plan - An owner
- A manager
- A head chef
- Two chefs
- Four servers
- A helper Group Group Owner Member Chefs Head Chef Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... -Start-up cost summary (Please see P.46)
-Breakeven Analysis (Please see P.47)
-Pro Forma Profit and Loss (Please see P.48)
-Pro Forma Cash Flow (Please see P.50)
-Pro Forma Blanace sheet (Please see P.52) Financial Plan Goals and Objectives Goals To offer people a trendy and fun place that offers fresh organic ramen and nutritional products with great customer service while responding to the demand of healthy cuisine. Objectives -Offer the great quality of organic Ramen, other Japanese dishes and drinks that are able to support customers for their health and well-being. -Satisfy and delight our customers with original menu which must meet our high standards of quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance and taste. -Entertain customers with our creative dishes, a beautiful-look of each dishes, and an open
kitchen that they can see how we cook at an intriguing atmosphere with excellent. -Offer a social place where people meet each other and develop a network at a relaxed and friendly environment. *Support employees to help their personal goals
and happiness as professionals through training and
working at Tokyo Organic Ramen. *Create great reputation and recognition of the restaurant through word-of-mouth, yelp and
other social networking. *The accessible location on ground floor with large windows and outstanding design in a trendy
area of Santa Monica. Products -Tokyo Organic Ramen will mainly serve a bowl of ramen, organic wheat noodles and rich flavor soup of bonito, pork bone broth or chicken bone broth, with fresh organic vegetables and
meat or sea foods as toppings. -A variety of extra toppings will be available only at Tokyo Organic Ramen as custom order. No other ramen shops offers this much of large selection of toppings. 4 major types of Ramen soups available at Tokyo Organic Ramen 1. Shoyu ramen (soy sauce) a soup made by adding a soy-based sauce to a stock usually made from bonitos and various vegetables. 2. Tonkotsu ramen (Pork broth) a white, thick broth made from crushed pork bones that have been boiled for hours. 3. Shio ramen (salt) clear, almost transparent chicken broth based soup. 4. Miso ramen (Soy bean) a soup has broth that combines chicken stock with
a fermented soybean paste. -The global restaurants sector has grown by 4.8% with a value of $1,644.8 billion in 2011 after a slowdown in the period of 2009-10 (Datamonitor). -The sector is forecast to keep growing and to reach a value of $2,042.8 billion in 2016 (Datamonitor). -The sales of the United States restaurant industry
are forecast to have a value of $632 billion as total in 2012 (National Restaurant Association 2012). -be passionate about healthy eating and safe foods to improve the quality of their lives.

-They have discretionary funds to spend for dine-out and having good time for their hobbies or pleasures.

-They will be willing to pay extra money as long as
foods are healthy, fresh and organic with great tastes. The Lonely Rich Most of them tend to work in tech industry. They should have relatively higher income. They should have a lot of discretionary
funds and may be spending most on drinks and tips. Health consious Happy Couples This group includes married couples who have little kids. They may be spending on meals, appetizers, and kid’s meals, but not be spending as much on drinks. Dieting Women The group of single women will tend to come
to Tokyo Organic Ramen on weekday or weekend night. Other groups of women with little kids to come there on weekday day time or weekends. They should
be very sensitive about trends, fashion and safety of foods. Marketing Strategies -Before a Grand opening, brochures, posters and flyers containing the picture of restaurant, its
interior, menus with prices with the location map and contact information will be distributed to
local both business and individuals. -Grand Opening event will have special offers as a 15% discount
on limited appetizers and 10% discount on each extra toppings for Ramen. -At both a pre-opening party and Grand opening event, Tokyo Organic Ramen will ask
customers to post a review at Yelp. -Tokyo Organic Ramen will have a Pre-Opening party, which invites a limited number of local
people from its neighbor both in business and individuals as well as its staff’s family or friends. Tokyo Organic Ramen will use a little bit higher pricing by considering costs of organic foods,
rent, costs of labors, its location, pocketbook of target customers and added value of its
products. Tokyo Organic Ramen will position itself as a modern restaurant which offers the added value of products in terms of food safety, taste, nutritions, appearance, a little bit high pricing, and an intriguing of atmosphere with excellent. *Maintain a good relationship with suppliers. Strenghts Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Break-even Analysis

Monthly Unit Break-even: 5,860 units
Monthly Revenue Break-even: $58,952

Average Per-Unit Revenue: $10.06
Average Per-Unit Variable Cost: $2.86
Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost:$42,366 Projected Profits and Loss Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Sales $736,009 $807,840 $1,005,840 Direct Cost of Sales $203,591 $226,195 $281,635 Gross Margin % 72% 72% 72% Total Operating
Expenses $510,904 $538,230 $596,850 EBIDA $16,330 $28,985 $106,265 Tax Incurred $1,792 $4,348 $24,693 Net Profit $14,538 $24,637 $81,572 (1.98%) (3.05%) (8.11%) Year 2 Projected Cash Flow Year 1 Year 3 Cash Sales $736,009 $807,840 $1,005,840 Cash Spending $304,800 $312,000 $350,400 Bill Payments $364,720 $446,262 $509,863 $66,488 Net Cash Flow $49,578 $145,577 $116,488 Cash Balance $166,066 $311,643 Year 1 Projected Balance Sheet Year 2 Year 3 Total Current Assets $141,996 $192,915 $339,112 Total Long-term
Assets $31,816 $22,570 $15,904 Total Assets $173,812 $215,485 $355,016 Total Liabilities $60,762 $77,798 $135,757 Total Capital $113,050 $137,687 $219,259 Total Liabilities
and Capital $173,812 $215,485 $355,016 Thank you!!
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