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Copy of "LIVRE," M.Melot

No description

Raflé Marie

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of "LIVRE," M.Melot

"Tant que le règne du papier était sans partage, difficile de voir l'objet sous le concept"
But...Where is Szeged ?
9 900 000 inhabitants
Flag of Hungary
Money of Hungary
The Forint:
€1 = HUF 309.37
Budapest is the capital
Some word about Hungary
Third largest city of Hungary
170 000 inhabitants
30 000 students
The university has a high prestige among the Hungarian institutions of education
Thank you for your attention
In a few words:
François Cazaux, a young french cook, would like to open a french vegetarian take-away restaurant in the city-center of Szeged.
The name of this restaurant will be "Le jardin de François".
He will propose quality and healthy food.
The price will be higher than in other take-away restaurant in Szeged.
His principal target will be the student.
My mission
François Cazaux didn't make a business plan, so my job was :
To analyze the competition in the city-center of Szeged.
To determinate if the students could be interested in this new take-away restaurant.
My life in Szeged
My travel in Hungary
By Marie Raflé

My project:
Market study
Competition analysis in the city-center of Szeged
11 take-away restaurants:
3 Kebabs,
2 asiatics,
1 pizzeria,
1 vegan restaurant,
3 famous fast food (Subway, Burger king and McDonalds)
1 pub/restaurant/take-away
3 Kebabs
1 pub/restaurant/take-away
Pivo : HUF 890
Buffet WC : HUF450
Duna Döner Kebab : HUF 500
Dokk Hamburger : HUF 500
2 asiatics
Wok n'go : HUF 700-800
Panda restaurant : HUF 800-900
1 pizzeria
La Pizza : HUF 850
1 vegan take-away restaurant
Az élet étterme (restaurant of life) : HUF 790
3 famous fast-food
McDonalds : HUF 1200
Burger king : HUF 1200
Subway : HUF 699
Demand study
220 students:

150 Hungarians students
50 Internationals Programs students
20 Erasmus students
Administration of my survey
I asked my students friends and classmates.
I asked students in front of the library of Szeged.
I made a survey on Google drive and I published the link on Facebook.
Result of my Survey

François Cazaux has 2 choices:
Lower his prices and the quality of his food to attract the majority of the students.
Or to be in a niche of the market, with around 2000 potential students customers.

buy a van.
Advertising campaign (distribution of prospectus in the main street of Szeged, posters in the students pub).

Put forward the french food.
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