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The Ultimate Sanctions on Iran

No description

Brock Arnold

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of The Ultimate Sanctions on Iran

The United Nations Security Council Resolutions
1696 | 1737 | 1747 | 1803 | 1835 | 1929 | 1984 | 2049
All are sanctions dealing with Iran
Sanctions are designed to deter Iran
Resolutions 1929, 1984, & 2049 are identical
Modern Technologies
Certain Foods
Raw Materials
Luxury Items
Foreign Business Transactions
Anything "related" to Nuclear Program
The Beginning (1950s)
Shah Mohammad Pahlavi allies with Eisenhower
Russia begins partnership in 1995
Nuclear Program Restarts (1984)
Iran-Iraq War changes Iran
Weapons of Mass Destruction (2002)
UN discovers plans to make WMDs
UN Sanctions (2006)
Unanimous support for sanctions
Attacks and Negotiations (2009-2013)
Uncovered plans to make mountain power plant (2009)
Backround & History
"Atoms for Peace"
America BUILDS first power plant
Ayatollah Khomeini seeks to bolster influence
Rebuilds with German partners
The Beginning of Sanctions (1996-ish)
Clinton begins sanctions on foreign businesses
This is weird
America preoccupied with Iraq invasion plans
Queen Diamond (2003)
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Cyber-attacks with Israel and America (2010)
"Pressing" for talks
Bombings (2010)
Current Situation
Oil exports at 26-year low
Shrinking at about 25% every year
Iran 2nd only to Saudi Arabia
Clerically dominated regime
Millions impoverished by sanctions
Prices and currency
Graphical Support to Current Situation
(Kusher, 2012)
Differing Viewpoints
Sanctions & Economy
Politicians' View
The Qualifier
Both Sides are Wrong
No Negotiations
(Press, 2013) | (Parsi, 2013)
Rial's "devastation"
Banking "virtually paralyzed"
Oil "dramatically damaged"
Conservatives VS The White House
Many Democrats demand "maximum levels"
Severe sanctions are safest
Iranian sanctions ARE hurting economy
The economy is not the target
Iran has yet to be successfully deterred
The debate about sanctions is petit
"Directionless" goals keep Iran in dark
No deterance only economic pain
(Press, 2013)
(Parsi, 2013)
Where are all the talks?
Can sanctions even be lifted?
Why is there no incentive given?
Policy Recommendation
The Future
Current Situation
B & H
Started by America
Sought energy
Iran wants influence against its neighbors
Economy is in shambles
Sanctions happened under strange circumstances
Nuclear program doing great
Politicians back economically devastating sanctions
Economics are not working against Iran
There are many alternatives to JUST sanctions
Iran will probably obtain WMD eventually
America can help build Iran
But Russia can too
Policy Recommendation
Political Feasibility
Economic Feasibility
The Ideas
Natural Gas
"Stringed" Sanctions
Technological Barriers
("Iran-Analysis", 2013)
("Iran-Analysis", 2013)
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Iranian Sanctions
Fuel Consumption
Oil & Gas Fields
(Brought to you by The Brock)
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