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8 Smart Home

No description

Venus Lam

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of 8 Smart Home

WHAT is SMART HOME? Integrated control on user's electrical devices: freely control with any smart phones or tablets, both in-home and out-of home. Impact on smart home Automatic controls for convenience
Increase living quality Smart Home History Computer/Information technology
Involvement GECR1001
Essentials of Information Management Technology

Lau Wan Ling (12645591)
Lam Yan Tung (12645192)
Man Ching Yiu (12659975)
Man Lok Yin (12660035)
Shing Wing Yee (12661090)
Tang Chun Kei (12661694) With the extensive use of
electronic household appliances,
smart house appears 1980's The household appliances, communication Devices and the security system combined together Use of security systems developed, so USA called this as Smart Home (smart house nowadays) 1980s 2000 1980's Smart Home in the future Lights 1) Lights
2) Curtain Automation system Integrates electrical devices computer network remote access from the internet integration of information technologies with the home environment, systems and appliances Curtain Introduction of
Smart Home Past, Present, Now Smart Home
I.T/computer 00:00-02:35 Ceiling Automatic Switch Switch the lights automatically Once a preset period has elapsed, it switches the light off again energy saving
provide assistance in the dark Room Controller in Flat Design Convenient operation and display
lighting, sun protection, music
simple handling
Modular device http://smartliving.hkt.com/chi/showroom.html Impact of Smart Home
esp: Hong Kong Controls multiple home settings:(customized remote control)
e.g. lighting, air-conditioning, home entertainment and home surveillance systems Enhance your quality of living:
extra comfort, convenience, and efficiency
at home. Changes the ambiance with your preset scenes: suit different occasions within simple finger touch Lighting --Automatic sensitive --Different
lighting effects Curtains -- Auto Open and close --shutters anywhere
in your home --sensitive to the
outside atmosphere Home theater and
--all AV equipment:
--achieve a great home theater
--Enter the "audio mode" -->lights and curtains: automatically put down

All the lighting, curtains, air conditioning, thermostatic device:
--make use of the phone, lithography and other remote control
--automatically set the switching times.

Users also can default a variety of scene modes:
--initiating a "video mode" automatically when the mixing room light up
--turn on the stereo and set TV-->"work mode" when turned on the light How to use it ? Home Automation Design established
Conceptual year of Smart Home in China. 2001 2003-04 Smart Home system was promoted in China 2002-03 China:
fully universal the Smart Home networking systems and products into the ordinary families. 2005-07 -Cheaper
-New features-->more attractive
-Become the norm in new home construction Future Developing year Overseas:
need 3-5 years to
complete the invention of Smart Home China:
take reference of foreign, so it just need about 2-3 years to complete Experimental year High-level & middle-level of residential estates and private housings were managed by intellectualization Promotional year For USA & Europe, Smart Home was universal used Universal year A study done in 2008 by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center in US:
it is estimated that in the next 10 years 90% of new homes with come equipped with some form of networking, programming and automation. Specific impact
in Hong Kong Improve the emergency support for the elderly through the Personal Emergency Link Service

e.g.Emergency Service, Care and Appointment Reminder Service, Community Service, Emotional Counseling Service. Current ”PCCW-Smart Living” -develop a Portfolio of home automation -upgrade our living standard achieve the best experience. How can we control the device when we aren’t at home? Limitation

-Main or important devices like the gateway or controller was breakdown->system can’t work.

-Most of portable remote controls are mobile phone or PDA, so it is not possible that link up the remote and gateway.

-no internet service is provided--> can’t using these portable remote to control the devices.
(only channel to send out our command is internet) Failure of devices: Dependency of internet services -essential to pay for system management
-->prevent hacker invade the system to get our personal information or interfere our security system for committing a crime.

-smart home can’t work without electricity, so the supply of electricity must be stable and we should set up emergency power supply.
-->the countries which always occur natural disaster, like Japan,earthquakes occur frequently, the supply of electricity may not be stable. Limitation Expensive: Dependency of electricity Group members: The compare of technology in smart house:

The specification of network:

ZigBee is becoming more and more popular VS High
Speed of transmission

network functions


work consumption

complexity ZigBee Blue-tooth High Low Low Low Low Low High High High
Tang Chun Kei (12661694)
-Definition of the topics, recommendation
shing Wing Yee(12661090)
-History, now and the future, preparation research
Man Lok Yin (12660035)
-History, now and the future,preparation research
Lau Wan Ling(12645591)
-Computer/information involved
Lam Yan Tung(12645192)
-Computer/information involved,visual aid coordinator
-Impact Members' Duty The END
Thanks for watching Convenience -turn on the lights, playing songs or adjust the room temperature by cell phone Higher living standard Save money -Energy-efficient heating, appliances and lighting
-Consuming less electricity Safety -Home Surveillance System
-Alarm IMPACT ON THE SOCIETY Increased demand on technology -want more control on by cell phone Change value on the living standard -use cell phone and technology to control everything
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