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Oswald Kernberg

Butterfly children

Sarah Stein

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Oswald Kernberg

In 1938 (When Oswald was 9), the Germans annexed Austria.
Because of the annexation, any and all antisemitic laws that were passed in Germany automatically applied to Austria.
Oswald was banned from school and his parents lots their business.
They attempted to leave, but were denied a visa.
About Oswald's Family Born on October 19, 1929 in Vienna, Austria.
His parents were Herman and Frieda.
Herman was a manufacturer of knitwear, sweaters, and dresses.
His mother worked in the factory that his father owned.
His brother's name was Fritz.
2 years older.
Oswald's Move Oswald's parents heard about a transport for children out of Austria and chose to send their kids to safety.
Fritz was too old so Oswald, alone, was sent to live in France.
For 2 1/2 years Oswald moved from many different children's homes.
Move to Safety When the Germans occupied France in 1940, Oswald was sent to home in unoccupied France.
In July 1941, Oswald, along with 100 other children, were sent to the United States. Facing a New Life After his 13th birthday, he received a letter from his parents for his Bar Mitzvah.
After this letter, he never heard from them again.
His parents, along with his brother, Fritz, were sent to Lubin, Poland and were murdered. Sarah Stein
Mrs. Klaich
Honors Literature of the Holocaust
Wednesday, 19 2012 Oswald Kernberg The Beginning of the End Oswald was one of the few jewish children to survive the Holocaust. One and a half million other jewish children were not as lucky and were murdered during this time.
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