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Why is grass green ? by long

No description

guildford public

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Why is grass green ? by long

Why is grass green ?
Like many plants, most grass produce a light pigment called chlorophyll . chlorophyll absorbs blue light which is high energy and blue light which is low energy.

Firstly, the chlorophyll absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis which is the process, when green plants and other organism use sunlight to absorb or extract the nutrients from carbon dioxide and water which is called plant food.

As plant gets more water the more nutrients will be absorbed also it will produce more chlorophyll. the more chlorophyll there is, that's what makes the plant green. It's not only grass that goes through this process, others like fruit, vegetable and even trees repeat the same process, but sometimes in different seasons.
Did yo know that vegetables that are green contain high amounts of vitamin A, which is involved in immune functions, vision and communication.

there's also different species of grass including turf grass, wheat, corn, sugar canes and even bamboo which are tropical grass and can grow to an average height of 1-2 meters per day, until a certain limit. Bamboos can reach a height of 33 meters.

Because of photosynthesis, grass also absorbs heat therefore grass helps keep your home cooler.If your house was just bare soil the average temperature will be 30-40 degrees.
Worldwide grass are a main part of people's diet which is wheat. Grass provide the cereal, crops and for animals that graze and most of the world's sugar
This is how grass is green, why grass is green and the uses of grass
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