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VoteBuilder 101

An introduction to the software VoteBuilder

Raymond Lewis

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of VoteBuilder 101


What is VoteBuilder?
A collaborative effort between DNC and DDP

Voting History
Political Party Affiliation
Contact Information
Clean Database
Database of voter file information, provided by the State of DE Dept. of Elections is cleaned and maintained:

The Basics
National Change of Address Registry
Social Security Department Deceased List
USPS Verified Addresses
Consumer Databases

How can this information be used?
Contact and identify supportive voters

A database management tool used to access the State Voter File
Create walk/phone/mailing lists
Write scripts/survey questions
Map out walk locations
Contact and manage volunteers
Schedule events

One Example...
You might have 16,000 people in a Rep. District
6,000 are registered Democrats.
5,000 of these Democrats voted in one of the last two General Elections.
You can then contact these voters and identify your supporters. Then, follow up and make sure the supporters get out and vote on election day.

What do I need to use VoteBuilder?
A computer with internet access
Mac or PC
Firefox suggested
Printer for walk/call lists
Logging In
User Name and Password
Please do not share password
Create additional logins for staff or volunteers
Three Column Main Menu
My Voters/My Campaign
My Voters
My Campaign
Every voter in the state (or your district)
Updated from state voter file
Used to target voters and track communication
Obtain information through surveys and canvassing

Updated by each committee
Used to make lists of volunteers, email them and track volunteer opportunities

Important Note:
Do not contact voters through “My Campaign”
Does not update with state voter file
If you are looking for voters, look in “My Voters.”
If you are looking for volunteers, look in “My Campaign.”

How Do I Find Someone?
Voter or Volunteer?
"Quick Look Up"
Type in the info that you have
Quickly find a few people at a time
Click a name to display information
Viewing A Profile
Click on a name to view profile information
Click “+” to expand information

Save selections you make most frequently
Addresses, Polling Location, Phone Numbers, Email, Activist Codes, Survey Questions, Contact History, Voting History, Notes
Vital Stats, Districts, Also In Household

Create A New List
If you want to look up a group of people within your district or in an area, make a list.
Much of the same profile information can be selected to narrow your search and find specific voters.

Save and Print
Save Your List
Save Exact List or Save Search Criteria Only
Print List

More than the basics
Scripts/Survey Questions/Activist Codes
Turf Cutter
Printing Call and Walk Lists
Entering Data

Scripts are a great way to keep messages consistent during phone banking or canvassing.
May contain text, activist codes, and survey questions.

Survey Questions
Used to get insight about the voter

Are they supportive of a candidate?
What issues concern them?
What legislation do they support?

Survey questions can be asked to the same people multiple times to gauge support over time.
Must have a multiple choice answer.
Should not be open-ended questions.

Activist Codes
A way for adding more data to a voter’s record.
Like “tagging” information to a profile.

Elected Officials
Issue Interests
Constituency Groups

Using Turf Cutter
Great tool to plan out canvassing.
Cut walking lists directly from a map.
Save up to 30 “turfs” (individual walking maps)

Turf Cutter
A typical volunteer, or pair, can canvas about 60 doors in two hours.

Plan your maps according to where and how you want canvassers to walk.
VoteBuilder only saves lists for 30 days, so only cut what you can walk in a month.

Printing Walk/Call Lists
First, open the list you want to print.

Go to “View My Folders” or “Go to My List.”
Click “Print” at the top of the page.
Then select the report format/script/sort order.
Printable PDF will be made.

Report Format
Shows how data will be displayed on a printed walk list or call list.

Report Formats
May contain:
Name/Party Affiliation
Home Address/Polling Location
Primary Count/General Count
Home Phone/Cell Phone
Responses to Survey Questions

Grid View for Data Entry
Lays out data in the same order as printed report.

Type the same list number as printed list.
The list number will expire after 30 days, so enter data as soon as possible.
Great for entering data from surveys or canvassing.

Script View for Calling
View a call script/voter information at the same time.

Great for making calls and entering data.
Useful for making volunteer calls from “My Campaign” because you can enter a lot of data at once.

My Campaign
Searching and adding someone
Volunteer Profile
Adding Events to Calendar

Thank you for your time.
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