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Adventures in Leadership through Technology

Learning Fair UGDSB

Alanna King

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of Adventures in Leadership through Technology

"We have to summon the nerve to believe that we can make the future what we want and better prepare children to deal with it." Kieran Egan, "What is Curriculum?", 1978 "This means that teachers must become the pedagogical design experts, using the power of technology: something that they are not yet prepared to do, but is part of the getting out there story." Michael Fullan, Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto, 2011. There is still a focus on 'tips and tricks'
as opposed to
self-examination and engagement with others. Need to tie use of technology to:
critical thinking
problem-based learning What's your geek IQ? Let's see who is here Survival with your Staff:
Adventures in Technology
Teacher-Training with
Alanna King @banana29 Let's support each other Let's prioritize Go to: to see more community-building check in Build your community Can we get comfortable with
wanting help?
making time to give help? how? Whole school technology focus on:
creation The Twitterverse as PLN are you creating as much as you're consuming? blogs
forums ok, neither am I....but are you contributing? platforms will come and go... we need transferable skills http://vimeo.com/27920274 @acouros http://threadbarebeauty.wordpress.com/ http://todaysmeet.com/ecoo11 Go to: http://goo.gl/xEGwv to find out.
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