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Exit Interview

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Inequality

What is Inequality?
Mass Media
It occurs in the media when only men get an opportunity to be on the front page, and have their stories, or issues heard
It occurs in the media related to kids because kids do not get a big say
It occurs in race when only white people are repeatedly in the newspaper
When other people of different race occur on the newspaper, it usually relates to crimes or other criminal records
Stop Motion Video
We created a Stop Motion Video (video created by pictures) to show that there is inequality in race, and how to improve this issue, hope you enjoy.
Inequality in gender
There have been a lot of improvements in gender inequality, but it still exists in the society
It exists because people still have a thinking that men are stronger, and more intelligent than women

By: Humaira Malik; Sanaa Shaikh; Harkirat Dhaliwal; Bhawneet Banwait
Inequality means a difference, not the same and having a lack of opportunity, status or treatment. It also means being uneven, and not being regular or treated the same way as others.

Inequality in Race
Inequality regarding Natural Resources
Inequality in Canada
Social Inequality
Many people around the world do not get equal access to clean water, and other natural resources. Some people that do have access to clean water and other natural resources, they tend to waste a lot of it.
Social Inequality refers to a situation in a society where it's members exhibit differences in their social status. The differences can occur in areas such as education, living standards, freedom of speech, property rights and housing.
Charter rights of Quebec have banned religious symbols for public workers like Hijab; Turbans; Niqab; Kippah, larger crosses, and religious pendants

Items such as a finger ring, earring or small pendants, bearing a religious symbol are allowed

Occurs anytime when one race is treated better than another
Occurs a lot in school when two student disagree on something, and start to target each others race
Understanding the Math Concept.
Exit Interview
For the math part of the exit interview, we were required to make an info-graph answering the question "Should water be a human right?"
We created an Infograph answering the question should water be a human right by using Piktochart.com
The Inquiry Question
Art Works
We have answered our inquiry question "Do we have second class citizens in Canada?" using the software powtoon, enjoy.
Follow us on Twitter: @inequality2000

French PSA
Stop Inequality
Reflective Questions
Reflective Questions

Join the other 80+ people that are already following us!
Introduction to global issues (Inequality)
Usage of Technology (stop motion and other videos)
Why water should be a human right? (info-graph)
French PSA (Inequality in race)
Inquiry Question
Math Problem
Music Talent
Reflective Piece
What we learned and accomplished at Morning Star?
Here is a video showing the difference between the lifestyle of a average person living in a developing country, and a average person living in a developed country.
We have learned so many things about art during the 3 years we studied at Morning Star. We learned different types of art works and art techniques that we used to create these art works.
By: Sanaa Shaikh
By: Harkirat Dhaliwal
By: Bhawneet Banwait
We created a short video that answers if every 21 seconds one child dies from a water related illness, how long would it take for 100 kids to die?
Math Problem Video
French PSA
We created a Public Service Announcement in French regarding inequality in race, and what people go through when they are treated unfair just because their race is different, and how we can improve this situation.
For our music part of our exit interview we recorded our selves playing a song called "Born to Handjive" on the instruments that we played in class. For one of our members in the group (Sanaa) that is not allowed to play music for religious reasons. Instead, she recorded herself saying some facts about her cultures music, and at the end we put it all together in a video, enjoy.
We created a short commercial for our drama part of our exit interview. In our commercials we will be selling an item that we believe will make your life more easier, but due to inequality in money earnings, only some people are able to afford it, and sadly some will not be able to.
Each of us answered our chosen reflective piece question(s),
and put it all together in a video. Did you know when we where recording our selves at the Malton library answering the reflective piece question(s), some people gathered around, and started clapping.
It only takes a single person to make a huge difference, and that person can be you. Join us against inequality around the world, to help make a better tomorrow!
What we accomplished here at Morning Star Middle School
By: Humaira Malik
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