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The Mystery of Roger Mullaney

No description

Natalie Webster

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Mystery of Roger Mullaney

The Mystery of Roger Mullaney
The costuming is an important part of a play for many reasons. One is because it brings out the personality of the person wearing it. The characters in this scene are Imogen, Timothy, Mildred and the nurse. As a director I would costume the characters appropriately. The nurse would be dressed in a white nurses uniform, a dress, with white shoes and stockings. Mildred dressed in a white loose long sleeve shirt with some long black pants and a shawl around her shoulders, sitting in a wheelchair. Timothy in this scene will be wearing his black trilby hat, a plain white t-shirt with light jeans and sneakers. Imogen would have on a pair of denim shorts with a coloured t-shirt and sneakers.
In this scene the lighting wouldn't be very bright. This is because the room has had no one in it for decades and it wouldn't be getting much sunlight coming through the window. it would have dim lighting. Possibly there would be a small lamp turned on in the corner of a room. The pictures below show the kind of dim lighting that would be used.
For this scene the props we would need are props suitable for a bedroom, we would also need props for the characters.
Props used would be...
bed, wooden trunk, electric guitar, cupboard, books, a wheelchair for Mildred, Roger's journal, posters, camera. These photos are just some of the props that would be used.
Scene 8
Act 1
Sound Effects
This particular scene wouldn't have many sound effects as they are only searching Roger's room. Possibly there could be a floorboard squeak because the room is quite old and no one has been in it for so long. Sound effects could be of the weather outside. in this scene the weather is windy so there would be sounds of wind.
Because this scene is set in Roger Mullaney's bedroom, the set will be a bedroom. The walls decorated with posters of John Lennon, Che Guevara, Bjorn Borg, an anti-war poster and a framed oil painting of a woman reclining on a bed. There is a single bed up against one of the walls with a bedside table with a lamp and books on the right. A large brown wooden trunk sits in one corner of the room and a window on the opposite wall from where you walk in. An electric guitar rests on a cupboard. With a dim light is on the ceiling. The trunk is like the one that would be used in the bedroom.
Facial Expressions / Gestures
The main part of this scene is when they discover Roger's journal. When acting this scene out as a director I would use many stage directions. At the start of the scene when Imogen and Timothy are searching through the bedroom their facial expressions would be quite concentrated because they are looking for something important, a clue. Mildred might have quite an unhappy look on her face because she doesn't like people going through he son's belongings. The discovery of his journal changes everyone's facial expressions, they are shocked but so happy as they have found a useful clue. I think that the actors if they needed to they automatically use hand gestures.
Blocking / Character Movement
Character movement: in this scene Imogen and Timothy would be walking around the room, looking for any clues or evidence. Mildred would be sitting in her wheelchair, not still because she wants to see the journal at the end of the scene, she would be squirming and wanting to move out of the wheelchair. The nurse would be holding Mildred back making sure she doesnt get out of the wheelchair
Blocking: I would have it so that the audience doesn't miss out on any of the action, the bedroom would be set up in the centre of the stage with Mildred closes to the door facing the audience and Imogen and Timothy roaming around. As the director i would position them so that they didn't speak with their back to the audience.
The dialogue in this scene would be acted out in a normal Australian accent, as he play is based in Australia.
In one part of the scene Timothy and Imogen are thrilled that they have discovered Roger's old journal, for these lines they would speak in a very loud, excited voice.
Lines spoken at the start of the scene by Mildred as she explains that she wants them to be careful because the police last time smashed a beautiful chinese vase would be spoken in a voice like a warning, almost angry.
Summary: Imogen and Timothy search through Roger's room. They find out more about him, and discover his old journal which is a big lead in the investigation
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