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Copy of from Assignment to Research Question

I. Understand the Assignment; II. Choose a topic; III. Gather Background Info; IV. Develop a research question

Mili Ueh

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of from Assignment to Research Question

Vocabulary Questions to ask: What sales representative do IBI INTRODUCE Incentive scheme Benefits Working condition when you do at IBI £30,000 car ` In summary If you want to work at IBI you must be: Unit 6: SALES
Reading:Thirsty for success WELCOME TO MY REPRESENTASION Sales force [seil f:s]
A group of people whose job is to sell products or services for their company Sales representative: [seil repri'zentətiv]
Someone whose job is to travel to different places and sell the products or services of particular company. Thirsty: ['θə:sti]
If you are thirsty for something, you have a strong desire for it.  Khao khát Thirsty for success: Khao khát thành công
Ex: People should understand how thirsty for revenge they are. Brand: [brænd]
A product of group of products that has its own name and is made by one particular company. (Nhãn hiêu) Ambitious: [æm'bi∫əs]
Determined to be successful, rich, famous (đầây tham vong) Energetic: [,enə'dʒetik]
Energy and active Enthusiatic: [in,θju:zi'æstik]
Very interested in something or excited by it (hăng hái, nhiệêt tình, say mê) Ex: Business leaders gave an enthusiastic welcome to the proposal. Licence (n): ['laisəns]
An official document that gives someone permission to do or use something (băng, chuứng nhanỉ, giay phép) Driving licence: bằng lái xe Ex: Have you got your driving licence yet? Pension (n): ['pen∫n]
Money that someone regularly receives after they have stopped working because of their age, paid either by their company or by the government. (tieền troợ caấp, lươuong hưuu) Incentive (adj) [in'sentiv]
Something that makes you want to do something or to work harder, because you know that you will benefit by doing this (ưuu đãi, khuyến khích; khích lệ; động viên) Incentive scheme: chính sách khuyen khích Soft drinks
Base on London Last year: increased sales by 15% At present: expanding our sales force, creating opportunities for experienced sales representatives managing their own areas Helping customers to promote brands Showing customers how to increase sales Advising customers on equipment, advertising and special promotions Cadidate’s qualificatons Personal characteristics + Ambitious
+ Energetic
+ Enthusiastic Professional qualifications + Customer service or sales experience
+ Good communication skills
+ A chean driving licence Excellent salary company pension Melissa Davis on 020 8320 1621 For more information Ambitious
Enthusiastic Customer service or sales experience
Good communication skills
A chean driving licence VOCABULARY CONTENT READING IN SUM And have Working condition Helping customers to promote brands Managing their own areas Benefits:
company pension Incentive scheme:
car Excellent salary:
£30,000 What sales representative do Showing customers how to increase sales Advising customers CONTENT READING
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