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Mitzi Passos

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Translation

Issues with interpreting
The Code of Professional Conduct:
Why is interpretation becoming more important?
Audiovisual translation
Pros and Cons
Mick Jagger in Brazil became Raul Seixas
don't alter original product
covers all the text
you can watch the video
-Come up with a sentence in a language that is not English, using "tiger" (singular) as the subject. (Please provide S-V-O)
-For example: "Tiger has stripes" in Chinese.
-Did every language follow the S-V-O pattern?
First Challenge!
A Chinese Proverb: A tiger father doesn't have a puppy dog son.
Similar Chinese Proverb: Dragon breeds dragon, phoenix breeds phoenix, son of the rat knows how to burrow.
What does it mean?
Would you translate it word by word? Word equivalence?
Could you keep the syntax of the proverb while keeping its meaning? S-V-O pattern?
What would be more important: semantics or syntax? Why?
Equivalent in English: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. / Eagles do not breed doves. / A wild goose never lays tame eggs.
Could you say a similar proverb in other languages you know?
E.g. Portuguese: Filho de peixe peixinho é. (the son of a fish is a little fish)
Linguistic treat!
The first and famous translators
-Sacajawea (1788-1812) - A legendary Shoshone Indian women. She interpreted for Lewis and Clark and ultimately guided them through their expedition of the Western United States.
What is translation?
At its core, translation is a medium for communication or the action of explaining the meaning of something.
How did translation in our world begin and develop into what it is today?
The History of translation and interpreting
How translation today has been influenced by the past
-Spread knowledge and cultural awareness;
-What is translation?
-Where did the word translation come from? What does it mean to be a translator?
-How did translation in our world begin and develop?
-The first known and most famous interpreters and translators
-Outcome - how translation today has been influenced by the past
The word
is derived from the Latin word
which means “to bring” or “to carry across”.
The biblical viewpoint- For centuries in the Western world people believed in the relation between translation and the story of the tower of Babel in the book of Genesis.
From a more literal viewpoint- The Old Testament of the Bible was translated into Latin by Saint Jerome in 347 AD . Later the bible was translated into English by a reformation activist named John Wycliffe in the 1300's.
-La Malinche (1505-1529) - A controversial figure in Mexican history. She was an interpreter to Hernan Cortez. Aided the Spanish conquistadors in conquering Mexico.
-Saint Jerome (347 AD) - A Latin priest who is most well-known for translating The Bible from Hebrew into Latin. A patron of translators and interpreters.
-Respectable profession, honest, brave;
-New ideas, innovation, fresh perspective, universal growth;
- Anything else?
The book gives us three reasons why:

1. International travel
2. Transnational migration
3. Linguistic minority groups
‘[R]ender the message faithfully by conveying the content and spirit of what is being communicated, using language most readily understood by consumers, and correcting errors discreetly and expeditiously’ - US Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
Children as Interpreters
Linguistic challenges
My hovercraft is full of eels!
Speech and sign
(romaji ano)
Similar to English "er" or "umm", said when hesitating in speech.

Similar to English "uh", space filler or pause during conversation.

m. anat. Orificio del conducto digestivo por el cual se expele el excremento: "tiene hemorroides en el ano".

"For truly successful translation, biculturalism is even more important than bilingualism, since words only have meanings in terms of the cultures in which they function."
(Nida, 2001;
in Yang 2010
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