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Rachel Passalacqua

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Maus

Connection to Current Events
Discussion Of Themes
The Artwork of
Discussion of Characterization
Current Event-

Name: Jimmie Matsuda segment interview
Link: http://archive.densho.org/Core/SegmentsByInterview.aspx?id=618

Topic: An American citizen sharing his experience of fighting for Japan and training as a kamikaze pilot.
Summary: Jimmie Matsuda, a now California resident, shares his story of growing up in America, moving back to Japan, and being stuck there because World War II broke out. He talks about life before the war and during the war just like the first chapter in Maus. He talks about being followed because American FBI thought he was a spy. Also, how once in Japan, he was teased for being an American. Then he shares how he survived, how he never got in that plane and gave his life, and how he came back to America. Growing up, no matter where he went he was treated different. Instead, of keeping his story to himself, he decided to share his experience with the world. He wanted everyone to see all the different events that can happen in war. He wanted people to see that every war story is different, and the world should know as many stories as possible.
Discussion Director
1. Why might Vladek always want Artie to eat his entire meal?
2. Do you think Vladek’s father did the right thing?
3. What do you think Vladek meant by “ At least I did something”.(pg 50)
4. On page 64 why do you think it is darker in color than other pages?
5. How did you feel when you heard what happened to Vladek’s dad?
6. Do you think Vladek was happy that his mother died of cancer before the war advanced?
7. On pg 61 and 62 do you think Vladek’s old feelings surface while retelling his story?
8. Do you think Vladek’s religion gave him hope in this chapter?
9. Do you think there was more meaning behind throwing out the old coat?
10. What could the old coat represent?
By: Grace Kraus Abby McGuirk, Alex Mulh, and Rachel Passalacqua
Thank You For Watching
It is easier to endure hardships when you are surrounded by loved ones
1. Why did Lucia write that letter to Anja?
*2. Why does Artie want to write a story about his dads life?
3. Why did Vladek all of a sudden give up on Lucia? Was it just him loosing feelings for her or something else?
4. Why did Anja get so upset with Vladek when she recieved that letter instead of asking Vladek about it?
5. Why did Vladek go through Anjas closet?
6. How did Vladek meet Anja?
7. Why does Vladek hate Mala so much?
8. Why does Vladek care that Artie gets a wire hanger and not wood?
9. Why did Lucia want to see Vladeks apartment so bad?
10. Why is stranger in quotes in panel 3 on page 16?
1. Why did Artie make such a mean comic about his mothers death?
2. Why was Vladek upset (fix this)
*3. Why does Artie want his moms diary?
4. Why did Tosha poison the three children?
5. What three children did Tosha poison?
6. Who do you think that stranger was that said he had a starving baby?
7. Why was it "fend for yourself" and not help family?
8. Why was cake so popular?
9. Do you think it was a mistake that pesach put soap in the cake?
10. Why did Vladek give Artie a key to his safe?
1. Why is Vladek so conservative with his money even though he has plenty?
2. How does page 133 illustrate Vladek and Arties relationship?
3. Why is Vladek so bitter to Mala when he is making no effort to fix it?
4. Why was the old maid so quick to send them away?
5. Why did Lukowski help Vladek and Anja?
6. Do you think Vladeks money could ever repay the women who hid them?
7. Why did the children yell jew when they saw Vladek when he was wearing the pig mask?
8. Why is Anja so nervous to move from place to place?
*9. Why do you think Vladek burn Anjas diaries and not tell Artie?
10. Why did Vladek call his dad a murderer?
Jeanine Burk- holocaust survivor
Jeannine Burk tells her story about how she survived the Holocaust. This article is about a child survivor of the holocaust. Jeanine explains how she was in hiding and what it was like during the holocaust.
Chapter 5-6
In chapter five Vladek finds a comic that Artie made a while back about his mothers suicide. Mala told Artie how Vladek had read it and didn't seem happy. Artie confronted Vladek about the comic and Vladek told him that he wasn't upset that he wrote it, he was just upset about the memories that were brought back. Artie only wrote the comic because he was upset about his mothers death and needed some way to vent his feelings. He didn't intend on hurting anyone's feelings.
In chapter six Vladek told Artie the truth about Anja's diaries. The truth was that he burned them because there were to many memories in them that Vladek couldn't deal with it. When Vladek told Artie, Artie became really angry and called Vladek a murderer. If Vladek didn't burn Anjas diaries, Artie would have more things to write about his mother in his book, but Vladek would not have been able to move on from Anja.
Vladek is very conservative through out the
graphic novel because of his experience with
the Holocaust. He is constantly being very
protective of money and his possessions.
since he had everything taken away from him
in the Holocaust he has this new realization
on how important money and possessions
really are. We constantly see this theme
through the story. Whether it is how much
money you can spend in a week or all the items
he kept. For Vladek, everything is very
important to him.
Chapter one and two

In chapter one we see how Vladek is
telling his story of the Holocaust.
We also see how in the beginning of his life, before the Holocaust, he was a man with
little worries. He had good looks and the
women were begging at his feet for his
attention. He lived life without any cares.
This was until the second chapter when
World War II starts to unfold. Young Vladek starts to hear these terrible stories
about people that he hopes are not true. By the end of this chapter he has truly changed is priorities. He is now focused on his family and their survival. Through out the rest of these chapters we see this theme continue.
By:Art Spiegelman
Chapter 2
1. What does Vladek's pill counting reveal about his character?
2. Why is Vladek anti-communist?
3. Whom do the pigs represent?
4. What do the seamstress's actions reveal about the Polish community?
5. What happened to Anja after Riechiev's birth?
6. How does Vladek's actions in caring for Anja in the sanitarium foreshadow what may happen in the book?
Compare the the views of the anti-Semitic Poles and sympathetic Poles.
8. Do you think the robbey was anti-Semitic or simply a robbery?
9. Why did Vladek think Anja, Richiev, and the governess would be safe in Sosnowiec?
10. Why do you think the author included elderly Vladek's story about his glass eye?


In this article from 2004, it describes the anxiety and stress soldiers endure after serving in a war. This connects to the story of Vladek because he also had negative affects from a war that changed his life greatly. As Robert Ursano says, “It’s a disorder that evolved over time,” In Vladek’s case, he became very anal and stressed out. The way he feels at ease is when he is controlling and demanding. I can connect the soldiers and Vladek because of the negative effects war can do to a person.

In the beginning of the book, Vladek is a grouchy and stubborn old man who seems to be bothered by things that do not go his way.

As Vladek describes his life in the beginning of the war.
Chapters One and Two:
Feelings: Begins telling his war story- Annoyed with Lucia, tired and overwhelmed
Challenges: Keeping his apartment in order, falling in love with Anja, meeting her family
Physical: exhausted, relaxed, surprised
Thoughts: Focused on his family, wife, and now newborn child.

1. Why do you think Vladek is so angry and disappointed with Artie?
2. What problems occur on page 77?
3. Why are the beds so significant to the family? Do you think it was right of the Nazi’s to take the beds without paying?
4. On page 81, Anja is very tired and anxious looking. Do you think they made the wrong decision to not send Richieu away?
5. How do you think their son’s death will affect Anja?
6. Would you be scared if all your friends were dying? How would you feel if your job could get you and your whole family killed?
7. Why do you think Vladek is so nonchalant about people dying- especially his own son?
8. Do you think Vladek was courageous when switching to “the bad side”? pg 91
9. When Mala is talking to Artie, why do you think she is so angry with him? Pg 93
10. What do you think of Mala’s worry and stress of making everything exactly the way it was before?

Towards the middle of
, we begin to notice Artie's interest in his father's story. Vladek notices his interest, and continues to rant to the point where he continues to go out of order.

Chapters Three and Four:
Feelings: Happy for his son's interest in his stories
Challenges: Telling the story as he remembers it, but wants his son's company. Vladek also has very high expectations, whether it be tidy and neat, or showing up on time.
Physical: Angry that Artie dropped cigarette ashes on his carpet. Intrigued at his son's interest.
Thoughts: Happy, engaged in the conversation, angry at Artie's sloppiness, upset.
Central African Republic
religious civil war between Christians and Muslims and developing genocide
Islamic insurgents overthrew a Christian government and began to target Christians
Christians rallied militias and started to fight back
Civilian casualties
peace between Muslims and Christians
One more time...

-Artie asked his father about his life in the holocaust
-He starts taking notes at his father and
Mala's house.
-He continuously evaded the Nazis
-Vladek is worried about his future and
shows Artie the safety deposit box
-Vladek is worried about his future
-Novel ends with multiple events unfinished because there is a sequel to the novel
Anja in the sanitarium
Vladek's return from the POW camp
By the end of this book, the reader is able to see a change in Vladek's temper. We see how he really treats Mala. There's nothing she can do but take the insults.

Chapters Five and Six:
Feelings: Anger towards Artie's lack of help.
Challenges: Agreeing to talk with Artie. Trying to conceal the fact that he does not have Anja's diaries.
Physical: His bad heart leads him to
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