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Gears and Gear Ratio

No description

Emily Holdsworth

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Gears and Gear Ratio

Types of Gears
1. Driver Gear
2. Follower Gear
Driver Gear
Applies to the
motion and force

Attached to the motor
Follower Gear
Applies to the
motion and force

Attached to the wheel
Gearing Up
Larger gear turns Smaller gear
(Driver) (Follower)

Harder to pedal

Requires more energy (Lighter Vehicle)
Gearing Down
Smaller gear turns Larger gear
(Driver) (Follower)

Easier to pedal

Gears and Gear Ratio

Driver Gear
Follower Gear
Mechanical Advantage
... is a term that describes the amount of forces that is amplified (increased) by a simple machine.
Gear Ratio
One of a set of toothed wheels that work together to
alter the relation between the speed of a motor and the speed of the wheels

mechanical advantage
on an machine
Follower: Driver

1. 10 tooth driver with a 40 tooth follower
2. 40 tooth driver with a 20 tooth follower
3. 30 tooth driver with a 50 tooth follower
1. 2:4 --> 1:2
2. 4:2 --> 2:1
3. 3:5
Practice Answers
4: 1
(10 tooth rotates 4 times with 1 rotation of 40 tooth)

2:4 (1:2)
(40 tooth rotates 1 time with 2 rotations of 20 tooth)

(30 tooth rotates 5 times with 3 rotations of 50 tooth)
If the driver gear has 8 teeth and the follower gear has 24 teeth, then the gear ratio is 24/8 = 3 or 3:1.
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