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The Arctic Fox

thing I really want to know about it

Jason Ly

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox information from:
elainbp3.weebly.com/habitat.html Classification The Arctic fox is a member from the dog family that are related to wolves. Their kingdom is animalia and their phylum is chordata.the order is carnivora and their family is canidae. genus is alopex and species is a.lagopus. Habitat The Arctic Fox lives in cold Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They could be found in the entire Arctic such as Greenland, Russia, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, and other countries. did you know that the Arctic Fox is the only land mammal on Iceland.Their dens are close to hills, cliffs, or riverbanks and they also live in treeless terrain. They survive in -76 degrees and -68 degrees Celsius. Appearance The Arctic Fox can have different colour fur but white and blue is the most common.Didn't you know that 95% of the arctic Foxes are white.In the Summer season, arctic Foxes has a blackish colour and in the Winter season they have white fur. Between May and June Arctic foxes's fur will start to change to a blackish colour. Between august and September the black will change to white. Diet It is very surprising that Arctic Foxes are omnivores. they are also scavenger but mostly eat about a dozen lemmings a day. They feed on lemmings, voles, birds, eggs, fruit and berries.Did you know that Arctic Foxes have sensitive hearing. When they catch lemmings, they use their hearing for lemmings traveling under the snow and the Arctic Foxes grab it.Also during April and May they feed on ringed seal pups. Behaviour Arctic Foxes are nomadic within a home range.The male range is larger than a female. They never hibernate so they are able to breed 2 times a year. They communicate by barking at each other like dogs.Arctic Foxes' lifespan is only 12 years. Reproduction As I said, Arctic Foxes could breed 2 times a year. They have about 15 kits each mating. When the litters are first born, they are blind, deaf and toothless meaning that they have to drink their mother's milk.In each family they have 1 male, 2 females and a bunch of kits.They weigh about 57 grams and they could come out of their den after 2 or 4 weeks.
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