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Nova W

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of SPORT

How to stay safe...

Hello out there...:-))

Quad Bikes
Your Sporting Informational Resource has arrived.......
A Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is required, also known as Life Jackets. There are various grades of Life Jackets available dependent on what activity on the water you are participating in and the type of vessel you are on board. Further safety equipment is required bylaw including an EPIRB in certain circumstances.
Prior to operating a Jet Ski, also known as a Personal Watercraft (PWC) within Victorian waters a Victorian Government PWC endorsement as well as a General Marine License issued by Transport Safety Victoria if over the age of 16. If the operator is under the age of 16.
As with many sports, such as swimming and athletics, Jet Ski clubs participate in family days, local and interstate competitions and share their experiences and knowledge of the sport.
Clubs & Competitions
Boating and Jet Skiing recreation areas are becoming more restrictive in recent years in order to reduce dangers to swimmers and other water users including areas in which they are able to use the vessel, speeds and environmental areas.
Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing:
Safety - page 72 of the Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook, Transport Safety Victoria.
Training - Transport Safety Victoria, http://www.transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety/recreational-maritime/marine-licence
Clubs & Organisations - https://www.facebook.com/vjsba, http://jetskiclub.com.au/index.php?action=forum
Recreation - http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/478081/Port-Melbourne-to-St-Kilda-Boating-and-Swimming-Zones.pdf

Image Courtesy of: http://www.adrenalin.com.au/jet-ski-hire-melbourne/vic-melbourne/water/13645
Image Courtesy of
image courtesy of agtech.com.au
youtube clip by: lifeguard, 2013. viewed 09 September 2013.
image by atvwa.com

Rum Jungle - Drummonds Cove WA
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Image by Darron Webb via GoPro
Safety is a major issue when embarking on a mountain bike adventure. Is it any wonder looking at the sport in action....
Regardless of their specialist discipline, the training year for elite mountain bikers will typically consist of a pre-, competitive- and off-season, with the length of each phase dependent on the competitive schedule of individual athletes. For cross-country mountain bikers, the focus of the preseason is to develop a large endurance base, which they will aim to maintain during the season. This will be achieved through a combination of cross-country and road riding. Elite downhill riders typically do the majority of their training on the trails. Increasingly, riders competing in both disciplines will incorporate some gym work to develop the specific strength and power characteristics required for the sport, especially during the pre-season.
Mountain bike Australia

Various Types of Mountain biking styles
Dancing has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It symbolises the movement of ones body, often rhythmic and performed with music (Wikipedia, 2013).

Before anyone practices or performs any type of dance it is essential that the person 'warms up'. Experts have determined that the main purpose of warming up is to increase the blood circulation in order to raise both the general body and deep muscle temperatures. In turn, this heats up the muscles, ligaments and tendons in preparation for vigorous dancing moves. Therefore, the likelihood of injury is reduced and athletic performance can be improved. This is due to the warm up increasing muscle efficiency, reduces the potential for muscles pulls, improves the reaction time and improves the speed of movement of muscles. Warm ups can also reduce the severity of post-warm up muscle soreness which is essential to a dancer due to having to practice or perform many days of the week (Ahmad Tousi, FIFA Licensed Coach, 2013).
Michèle Assaf, Producer, Director-Choreographer, Teacher and Artistic Director of Tezoro & World Dance Movement.
Pictured: Francesca Dario
Training is essential to dancing and the dancers, due to end of year concerts and participating in competitions throughout the year. Constant training days throughout the week are what improves individual dancers but also the group performing as a whole.

In order to remember many dances and dance moves constant training is required on each individuals part. The more dancers train the more opportunity they have to win competitions and make no mistakes during their performances.
Google images, Ballet Rehearsals, 2013
Dance schools are available in all communities around the world. This is where students come and participate in dance classes with other students their age.

These dance schools decide whether to place their students in competitions as groups or individuals.

Dance schools (ie: clubs) and competitions are what make professional dancers due to the experiences through these dance schools.
YouTube, Jazz Dance Competition - Katrina - 11 year old Trio
The International Mountain Biking Association
Follow live calenders for information on all major competitions throughout Australia. This is the place to go to find a club near you, become a member and find the most reliable information for Australian bikers.
The leader in top level events worldwide and provides a live event calender. Membership is also offered.
Brisbane Mountain Bike Association Inc
1) Safety Gear
2) Trail grade
This is the gear a typical biker would use.
The Safety gear of an extreme biker
Mountain bikers use this guide to understand how fast the track is, how many obstacles are present and whether it will be a suitable ride overall.
REF: NationalMountain bike Australia
http://www.mtba.asn.au/ (2013)
Common race formats for both cross country and downhill are described below.

Cross Country

Competitors race on a circuit for a designated time period. The circuit must be at least 6 km and the race duration typically ranges from 1-2 hours depending on the level of riders. Twelve and 24-hour events are also popular, with riders competing solo or in teams of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 10.

Point to Point

The course starts in one location and finishes in another. The course distance is usually between 25-100 km. The race may be conducted as a mass start or time trial format.
Short Course
This event is similar to Circuit however each lap must be a maximum of 6 km.


This event takes place over one or more days and incorporates speed averages and special tests such as bike handling and mechanical skills.


Solo competitors race downhill over a distance of 1.5-3.5 km. A run typically takes 2-5 minutes to complete. Very little pedalling is required. The course is usually a mixture of rapid and technical sections and includes a mixture of single track, forest roads and rocky tracks.


A downhill event where 4 riders compete against each other and must pass through a series of gates. The course typically takes about 30-40 seconds to cover.

Dual Slalom

Two riders race head to head down two parallel slalom courses. Conducted as a series of elimination races. Each run is typically 20-45 seconds.


Observed Trials

A highly technical event where competitors must make their way around a series of obstacles. Points are deducted for mistakes in clearing sections.

Hill Climb
A point to point course containing at least 80% of uphill riding.

Cross Country
Point to Point
Hill Climb
Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) Trainright - Mountain Biking DVD- http://trainright.com/
The train Right DVD offers cyclists a unique way to train. A 60 min DVD based workout that aims to increase fitness while not aimed at training technical ability
An alternative approach to trail training
Mtb Dirt - Mountain Biking
Forums & Info
In Australia, riders will compete in the five race National Series which runs from November through February/early March. The Australian Championships are usually held in January, with the Oceania Championships being held in March. For elite level Australian cross country and downhill riders, the focus of their season is the World Cup series, which consists of six races held between April and September. They will also compete in other international events during this time in the lead up to the World Championships, which are held annually in August/September. Cross country mountain biking has also been part of Olympic Games since 1996, and is also now an event at the Commonwealth Games. Some riders will be involved in professional teams, while others compete individually.
There are many quad bike clubs in Australia.
Authority of quad bike clubs is:
Sponsored link: Australian Sports Commission, 2013, 09 September 2013,
Quad bike use for recreation is pleasurable as well as exhilarating. The images in this recreation segment have been taken by me, Darron Webb via GoPro Hero 1. Location is where I live in Drummonds Cove Geraldton WA. I use 53 kilometers of beach track along the coast. The scenery is amazing. Sand dunes are plentiful, bush tracks seem to have no end. Swim anywhere along this coast line and the quad bike will take you there. When I fly home from the mine site after 8 days I kiss the dog, pat the wife and take my daughter for an exciting race along the beach to get the blood flowing. I always look forward to fly home day.
Quad biking and Safety
Quad biking can be a very dangerous sporting and recreational activity.
Since the inception of Quad bikes as and all terrain, agricultural and recreation vehicle there have been many recorded injuries and deaths as per worksafeaustralia.gov.au
Safety methods used to prevent injury:
Safety glasses.
Approved helmet.
Steel capped boots.
Long sleeve shirt.
Long trousers.
Vehicle safety induction.
Check area at slow speed first and check for hazards.
Hazards – ditches, razorbacks, broken bottles, rocks, trees, potholes, other vehicles as an example.
There are companies that have begun investing and marketing safety innovation ideas.
In this presentation you will see these ideas in action.
YouTube - Lifeguard -
Make sure the quad has regular service, brakes tested, lights functional and keep within phone service distance in case of mishaps that can be beyond the rider’s control.
http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1YTaJqdUm4
2013-2-SLCO100 Learning and Communication Online.
Assessment 2a: Online Informational Resource (Group).
Online presentation via Prezi.
Sport – Quad biking – Darron Webb
Lifeguard, 2013, http://atvlifeguard.co.nz/, viewed 09 September 2013.
Training.gov.au, 2013, http://training.gov.au/Training/Details/AHCMOM212A
Deir.qld.gov.au now moved to: 09 September 2013, http://www.justice.qld.gov.au/
Smart NT, 2013, http://smartdrivertraining.com/quad.html
Workplace Safety Australia, 09 September 2013, http://www.worksafe.com.au/
Atvwa.com.au,09 September 2013, http://atvwa.com/
Freedigitalphotos.net, 09 September 2013, http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/
ma.org.au, 09 September 2013, http://www.ma.org.au/
ausport.gov.au, 09 September 2013.
Personal photos by Darron Webb via GoPro
Quad Bike Training

Now a nationally accredited course.
Operate Quad Bikes.
Reference and authority: 2013, training.gov.au

Operators of this accredited course can now deliver training at a reasonable cost of approximately $350.00.
This unit of competency includes all the safety aspect with quality training of vehicle operations. There are theory and practical assessments after hands on and face to face training.
Registered training organizations (RTO) operate Australia wide.
Examples of RTO’s:
All States Training.
Farmsafe Queensland.
Honda Australia Rider Training.
Motor School.
Reference: deir.qld.gov.au

Conclusion on training.
As of 15 August 2013, 12 persons have been killed on quad bikes since 1 January 2013.
Get to know your quad bike by getting a training course.
Stay safe and live life.
Reference: 2013, worksafeaustralia.gov.au, viewed 09 September 2013.

Developed by:
Group 3
Renee, Darron, Carly and Nova
Sites used within the development of this resource where obtained from
- Recently updated sites
- Sites developed and maintained by registered organisations
- Sites given recommendations within professional reviews
This presentation, SPORT, was produced by Group 3
Carly - Dancing
Darron - Quad Biking
Renee - Jet Skiing
Nova - Mountain Biking
The 4 themes covered within this presentation are;
Safety, Training, Clubs/Competition, Recreation

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking : Australian Institute of Sport : Australian Sports Commission. 2013. Mountain Biking : Australian Institute of Sport : Australian Sports Commission. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/nutrition/factsheets/sports/mountain_biking. [Accessed 9 September 2013].
International Mountain Bicycling Association. 2013. International Mountain Bicycling Association. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.imba.com. [Accessed 3 September 2013].
Peak Mountain Biking Body in Australia - Mountain Bike Australia. 2013. Peak Mountain Biking Body in Australia - Mountain Bike Australia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.mtba.asn.au/. [Accessed 3 September 2013].
Carmichael Training Systems. 2013. Carmichael Training Systems. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.trainright.com/. [Accessed 5 September 2013].
Greatest Mountain Biking Stack #2 - YouTube. 2013. Greatest Mountain Biking Stack #2 - YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 10 September 2013].
Australian Sports Commission (2013)
Australian Sports Commission (2013)
Thanks for watching
Dance is seen as a recreational sport due to the reasons in which people dance. People dance simply for the enjoyment, the exercise or dance to undertake it on a professional level. There are many types of dance which is performed world wide.

These are:
- Tap
- Jazz
- Ballet
- Pointe
- Contemporary
- Hip Hop

Performers use dance as a way of showing their emotions, telling a story or performing a routine.
1. Dance Picture 1, Safety, 2013, viewed at http://www.tezoroproductions.com/category-dance-videos-warm-up-19.html 04/09/2013
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Transport Safety Victoria, Victorian Recreation Boating Safety Handbook, 2013, Pg72
Transport Safety Victoria 2013, 10th September 2013, http://www.transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety/recreational-maritime/marine-licence
Reference Sites:

Victorian Government, 2013, 10th September 2013, http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/478081/Port-Melbourne-to-St-Kilda-Boating-and-Swimming-Zones.pdf
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