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Macbeth Playlist

No description

Christine Putnam

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Macbeth Playlist

Christine Putnam
April 26th, 2013
Mr. Watkins Macbeth Playlist O Death- Jen Titus Be Prepared- Lion King Guilty- The Rasmus Say It Ain't So- Weezer Act 1 Scene 1
This song fits with the scene because it's eerie and gives a sense of imminent doom, as does the stormy night and the witches' meeting. Act 1 Scene 7
Be Prepared is a good song for this scene because Scar can represent the headstrong Lady Macbeth, telling the quivering hyena Macbeth how things are going to work. This also works because they're actually singing about killing a king. Act 2 Scene 2
Macbeth's feelings of guilt in this scene are so strong that he begins to actually hear voices and see floating daggers. This scene marks the true beginning of Macbeth's spiral into guilt-ridden madness.This song is simply about those feelings of guilt. Act 2 Scene 3
I chose this song simply because of the slightly overdramatic way the singer reacts to something bad that happens- just as Macbeth kind of overdoes the entire "Oh no my king is dead!" act. They're Coming to Take Me Away-Napoleon XIV Unwell- Matchbox 20 Getting Away With Murder- Papa Roach Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas The Prophet's Song- Queen Act 3 Scene 4
I chose "Unwell" because of obvious reasons. This is the banquet scene, where Macbeth publicly swears at thin air which he believes to be the ghost of Banquo. His wife explains that he's not crazy.. just a little unwell. Act 4 Scene 1
I chose The Prophet's Song because it's about listening to a prophecy, and being cautious with some things, as the visions tell Macbeth to do. Act 4 Scene 2
This scene marks the third murder committed by Macbeth or his order, and the song kind of says "I've done this before, I'm not worried about the repercussions of killing someone anymore." The murder of Macduff's family is the first which didn't really need to happen; it was merely out of spite. Act 5 Scene 5
This is the scene in which Lady Macbeth ends her own life and then it is revealed to Macbeth that the trees seem to be marching toward his castle, coming to take him away as the witches' prophecy speaks of. The song speaks of someone leaving the singer (Lady Macbeth leaves him by taking her life) and him going "utterly mad." Act 5 Scene 8
Death probably came as peace of mind for Macbeth and the voices he heard and the things he saw- peace when he is done. He's got many conflicting emotions, which make him feel ill at ease, and now it's coming to a close and an escape for him. Dirty Deeds- AC/DC Act 3 Scene 1
I chose this song because in this scene, Macbeth is convincing Banquo's murderers take lives so easily and without question. It's a dirty deed, and it's done dirt cheap.
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