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How does the biosphere and the hydrosphere interact?

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June Kang

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of How does the biosphere and the hydrosphere interact?

Hydro means water and sphere means cycle so, hydrosphere means water cycle. Water is made out of two atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.(H2O) More than 70% of Earth are covered by water, 97% of the water is salt water, 2% of the water is fresh water that we can drink, and 1% of the water is frozen in the poles.
How does the biosphere and the hydrosphere interact?
By June Kang, Kelly Chu, and Mauricio Dappo
Water Cycle
The water then flows into a river, lake, or ocean.
Biosphere means living things(life).Biotic factors are living things in biosphere, example- plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria. Abiotic factors are nonliving things in the biosphere, example- habitats such as ponds, lakes, oceans, deserts, mountains, or weather such as temperature, wind, rain, snow, hurricanes. Food chain is a big part of the biosphere. Food chain shows how each living things get their food.

Herbivores- eat plants
carnivores- other animals
omnivores- eat plants and animals
The interaction between biosphere and hydrosphere is that hydrosphere provides water for the biosphere to function, grow, and live. Animals (biosphere) drinks water (hydrosphere), Fish (biosphere) need water (hydrosphere) to live and swim. Another interaction between biosphere and hydrosphere is the flood.
biosphere and hydrosphere's
interaction help us by...
The interaction help us by providing enough food and water to eat and drink.The interaction also help us by creating oxygen for us to breath and live. The flood gives us rich solids.
biosphere and hydrosphere's
interaction does not help us by...
What is a Hydrosphere?
A Hydrosphere is...
The water cycle never end!
What is a Biosphere?
A Biosphere is...
The Earth is made up of 70% of water!
The End!
The interactions does not help us because the flood can destroy the town, and also kill a lot of animals (biosphere).
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