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Godiva Valentines

No description

Stahp it Slenderman

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Godiva Valentines

Godiva Valentines By: Cheyanne Herrera Godiva needs new products New ideas are forming for the Godiva
Chocolate team, but they are having a
road block in brainstorming. Luckily,
Cheyanne Herrera is here to help the
chocolatiers with a brand new product
for the holidays. A Valentine Special! Valentine's Day The Godiva Valentines Special will happen,
near Valentine's day every year. During
the Valentine's buzz, everybody is trying
to get someone something. So, this
product could appeal to all the ages,
especially newly weds. Even old love
birds will want to get their special
someone, who've they've been together
with for a long time, something. What type of Chocolate? Godiva's Valentine's Special will have 14
Godiva truffles wrapped individually. 7
of the truffles will be filled with caramel,
3 without any filling, and 4 with a chocolate filling. Half of the truffles will
be white chocolate, and the other half with Milk Chocolate. All of the truffles will have a heart drawn onto them with
either white or red icing. All of this, inside a heart shaped box. In the end. In the end, Godiva's Valentine's would be
a great product to add the the Godiva
line of chocolate. Even when it is not
during the Valentine's buzz, you could
still sell the chocolate filled truffles,
and the caramel filled truffles. You could
still keep the hearts onto the truffles,
everybody loves hearts to remind
someone they love them. You could get the cocoa beans for the chocolate in Brazil, South America. We could manufacture the product in the Godiva
factory in San Francisco, California. Where to get?
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