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"With Constant Care..."

AP Moller: Shipowner (1876-1965)

Anthony Go

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of "With Constant Care..."

"With Constant Care..."
A.P. Moller: Shipowner
1876-1965 Anthony Go
January 8, 2013 AGENDA - Brief biography of A.P. Moller
- Timeline of history of MAERSK Who is A.P. Moller? Arnold Peter Moller was born October 2nd 1876 and grew up in the town of Svendborg. He was the 7th of ten children.
Arnold was the son of captain Peter Mærsk Møller and Anna Hans Jeppesen. His mother came from a well known shipping dynasty in Dragør and his maternal grandfather Hans Jeppesen Davidsen was known as "the King of Dragør". The Møller family moved to Svendborg on Funen after having lost a power struggle against Anna's sisters and their husbands. Captain Peter Mærsk-Møller buys his first steamship, the British-built S.S. Ellen, 320 deadweight tons (dwt). The ship was renamed Laura after his friend - Carl Breyen's small daughter out of gratitude. START 1886 June Foundation 1904 The Steamship Company Svendborg is founded by Captain Peter Mærsk-Møller and Arnold Peter Møller. The company's first ship was the second-hand vessel British-built 2,200 dwt cargo steamer Svendborg. October Foundation of The
Steamship Company Svendborg THE END 1912 April 30, 1910, A.P. Moller
married a 27-year old American girl, Chastine Mc-Kinney in the little town of Mayview. April It was agreed to form Aktieselskab (Shipping Company of 1912) with the object of "operating a freight business with steamships". It was based in Copenhagen wherein A.P. Moller became the managing owner. August Formation of The Steamship Company Svendborg 1914 European Great Powers clashed every effort in the small Kingdom of Denmark to stay out of war and preserve traditional contacts with the outside world on as broad basis as possible. August Danish Shipping and the Clash between the Great Powers The Maersk Shipping Companies during the First World War The war was the good years for shipping companies. Business grows 600%. and A.P. Moller makes money like never before. 1916 Chassie Maersk is sunk by a German U-boat. A.P. Moller suffered casualties. December "We are in such a position, that we can disregard the times. We should not allow ourselves to think small"
- A.P. Moller's letter to his father 1917 As getting ships repaired and buying new ones during the war is close to impossible, the shipyards are unable to follow the demand.

A.P. Moller therefore, starts constructing Odense Steelship Yard to build the ship he needs. November A.P. Moller founds the Odense Steelship Yard 1928 Maersk line launches liner service between the United States and Asia and establishes the Maersk name for its shipping operations. The years between the wars. 1940 Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller is made a partner in the company and manages the New York office throughout World War II. April A.P. Moller's own firm. 1959 The newly constructed Odense Lindø Yard, located in Munkebo around 10 km away from the old yard, opens. It has two large building docks and begins with laying the keel for two 50,000 tdw tankers. A new shipyard at Lindo to construct larger vessels. 1961 Roulunds Fabriker, the first of a long series of acquisitions that diversifies A.P. Møller beyond shipping. Maersk acquires Roulunds Fabriker. 1962 The company receives exclusive concession for the exploration and production of Denmark's oil and gas reserves and forms DUC partnership with Texaco and Shell. A new oil company, Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S, is later founded. The Concession for Oil Exploration 1965 A.P. Moller received the highest Danish Order - the Grand Cross, and it read: "PER ASPERA AD ASTRA" (Through hardship to the stars). June Death of Arnold Peter Moller at the age of 89. In A.P. Moller’s time, the Maersk companies grew to be one of the largest and financially most secure shipping groups in the world. The old shipowner, A.P. Moller's mantra has become the company's motto - he said:
"No loss shall hit us that can be avoided by constant care".
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