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Sport, Community, School and STEM

I have put together existing resources to explore how sport might provide an amazing STEM learning opportunity. I have included Fc J Te Le's most recent results and an excellent OPTRA sporting performance resource. (Updated 30 April 2015)

tony houghton

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Sport, Community, School and STEM

This pupil is presenting a Zero Cost Energy Bike in Stoke High School, Ipswich UK - intended to provide laptop power in India
This pupil is presenting a Zero Cost Energy Bike in Stoke High School, Ipswich UK - intended to provide laptop power in India
Sport, School, Community & STEM
Dr Tony Houghton
tony.houghton@ccite.org www.ccite.org
The sessions with children provide an opportunity for coaches to discuss and deliver workshops addressing issues important to children such as bullying. or respect... The workshops themselves feature:

Working hard under time pressure
Actually DOING something
Classes undertaking a project and coming up with THEIR solutions
Working with others
Somebody who actually listens to them as the coaches are measured too
Over time re-enforcement activities
Having Fun
Light 10 minute multi agility/sport focused warm up activities in preparation for Main Play Time activity
Monitor and measure interaction, support and proactive participation of participants
Workshops and Playground
Intermediate Play Time
Intense 10 minute multi-agility/sport focused activity delivered by coaches/mentors
Individual and team output recorded and collated
Monitor and measure interaction, support and proactive participation of participants
Main Play Time
Abdullah (or Ben) runs an amazing football club in Peckham. His work has featured on BBC Match of the Day: He talks about football and its potential positive impact on the individual and the community.
Football and STEM
So football gives us lots of opportunities for individual improvement and community benefits.

And it also gives us lots of STEM opportunities.

Measuring football performance is 'Cool' - all the clubs do it.
This example uses a case study, video clips and material from Bowland Maths: http://www.bowland.org.uk/case_studies/football/start.html
The activity is 'kicked off' with a video challenge from the trainer:
Here's the first activity:
This and all required material is available from Bowland maths...for free:-).

Happy kids! Sport, and in particular Football, gives a great opportunity for kids to get enjoyment, develop self-belief and stamina.

We have a great opportunity to work and learn together - to use, re-use and develop new activities using football as a vehicle for community, school and STEM.
Ben's football coaches can take activity into the playground - for exercise, to collect exercise data for exploration with software, but also to discuss issues important to children such as anti-bullying or respect for parents...
Here is a presentation on Parents
- note the content AND the practiced presentation. NB May take time to load:-)
(Actual programme as described by Ben)
(Actual programme as described by Ben)
We can take this still further...into the community, for example, to use a STEM design activity to improve the park they use for football.
But we'll start with a little test:
One of the other parks nearby has a great all-weather pitch - how much does it charge people to use it?
Another asked the community residents' commitee to decide which sports should be played there - what three sports are now played there?
Rugby, cricket and american football!
This design brief, taken from Community Engagement site can be used with only slight (obvious) modifications...hopefully to get better results!

In this example, the focus was working with real designers to come up with a professional brief. In addition, this could be an opportunity to collect interesting data...
We can use Tracker software to capture movement data as in the next two screens...and then transfer to GeoGebra mathematical software to analyse.
We can then use GeoGebra to simulate and play with initial velocity and launch angle.
All of the above exists and has been done separately or partially together...I have allowed myself to speculate on what it might look like all together and the potential seems amazing.

Take a look at Fc Jean Te Le in Facebook if you wish to see some happy faces:


I would be delighted to discuss any ideas you may have, as we try to move forward on this !

Let's finish with a few nice pics of these kids! You can see a lot more on the facebook page.
We are now in a powerful learning loop:
Starting with the above simple movement tracking we can move to basketball, football...to flight and many other STEM projects.
The resulting GeoGebra resource can, in turn, provide valuable learning material for others.
Tran Minh Phuc
More information is available on: Communication and Collaboration for Learning: http://prezi.com/xjjqhj3jjwds/communication-and-collaboration-for-learning/
Data capture and analysis
Fc Jean Te Le
Design Brief to Improve the Park
(from slides by Ben...)
We start with the football improvements, then the football-related improvements, then the change in the
In its 'core business' of football the club is perfoming extremely well - with trials at BIG clubs...
...improvements in attendance gives us a good feel for behavioural improvements...
ditto improvements in discipline...
...the kids feel the club does well in dealing with negative issues and attitude...they have confidence and trust...
..and they are building positive relationships with their coaches...
...they improve...as an individual...
So we want to take this wonderful springboard to really change peoples' lives!

Give me 5 reasons why you might you want to measure sporting performance?
Who other than footballers would pay money for this?
What do you think are the 5 most important measures in a game of football?
Who do you think is the best player in the school team and why?
In pairs I want you to find the % successful pass rate for Susan - are your scores the same? If not, why?
How would you analyse improvement in a player's performance?
Would YOU want to be a software engineer?
Etc Etc Etc

Football, Software, Jobs, Marketing
This OPTA sports video from the IET site is a wonderful resource. Its about sport, data, software, jobs, markets - in 5 minutes! It can be used as a stimulus to perhaps put children into teams and ask:
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