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gym equipment

No description

prunella trabisohn

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of gym equipment

delivery times
Mondays-Tuesdays: 6am-8pm
Thursday- Saturday: 8am-9pm
Sundays no delivery – N/A

Lucky for you we do the delivery for free !
contact us
if you have any inquires please either email or call us, or contact details are down bellow.

Email: prunella_GymDesigns@hotmail.co.uk
Number: 075435678899/01543211441
pictures of gym

Introduction: welcome to “prunella’s gym designs” here we will help you think for designs in your new gym building or we can also help you customize your gym if you do not like the way it looks like. We will help you supply the equipment you need for your new buildings and they are all for a very good price please contact us for even more details .
brands and supplies
Our brands are called “PHYSICAL”
We supply you with different type of gym equipment's such as…
Cross Trainers
Rowing Machines
Exercise Balls
Cable Pulley Machines
Aerobic steppers
Abdominal Crunchers
Weight machines
Free weights
Stationary Bikes
And even more…
90/100% of our customers think that we sell good equipment for gyms here are some of the peoples reviews...

alesha smith ;-''we love these equipment and it is very safe for children ages 10 and over ''

jordan araya;-'' i love the fact that it is cheap because some gym equipment are like 100,00 pounds''
for schools only
by prunella trabisohn

Gym equipment
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