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Men and Work

No description

Mickol Rathbun

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Men and Work

Inequalities in Work Place
Men and Work
Video -
By: Mickol Rathbun
Sam Hunt
Christan Tinoco
Ryker Phillips
Derek Downey
Sam Hunt
Understanding Gender Iniqualitie
The Glass Escalator Movie
Gender equality can benefit Economy
Improved equality over the years
NPR on increase in men working in "Pink Collar" jobs -
The Glass Escalator Effect
Free Write
"The glass escalator term thus refers to the 'subtle mechanisms in place that enhance [men's] positions in [women's] professions' (Williams 1995, 108). These mechanisms include certain behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs men bring to these professions as well as the types of interactions that ofen occur between these men and their colleagues, supervisors, and customers. Consequently, even in occupations composed mostly of women, gendered perceptions about men's roles, abilities, and skills privilege them and facilitate their advancement. The glass escalator serves as a conduit that channels men in women's professions into the uppermost levels of the occupational heirarchy. Ultimately, the glass escalator effect suggests that men retain consistent occupational advantages over women, even when women are numerically in the majority (Budig 2002; Williams 1995)."
Discussion time! Now spend the next couple of minutes free writing about what you have seen. Then after we'll spend time discussing what you wrote and find out what is shown in this video.
Though they are males, black males are even worse off then females in female jobs. They are segregated against by patients and coworkers.
Black male sterotypes tend to make them seem violent and prone to criminal behavior. These types of sterotypes can cause negavtive reactions towards black male nurses from their co-workers and patients.
"The concept of gendered racism suggests that racial sterotypes, images and beliefs are grounded in gendered ideals" (Collins 1990, 2004;) Espiritu 2000; Essed 1991; Harvey Wingfield 2007)

Not only are there sterotypes about black males being violent causing negative reactions towards them of fear. The sterotypes also cause black males to seem incopetent and unable to do higher paying positions causing them to not be able to use the glass escalator.
Many transgendered individuals recieve more respect for their thoughts and opinions posttransition. White men's opinions are seen to carry more authority. An increase in recognition for hard work was one of the positive changes associated with working as a man.
In order to break free of the racial marks black males, unlike whit males, embrace the "caring self" part of their jobs.
Some transitioned men find that after the transition, they gained authority, respect, and reward. Business Partners would not have taken his business venture idea seriously if he were a women or he would not have had access to the same business ventures.
Racializing the Glass Escalator
The Question: Is the Glass Escalator
applicable to colored males, or does
their race intersect with gender and
affect the extent to which the Glass
Escalator offers colored men opportunities
in women's professions?
What was the point of the video?
"Whites often perceive Blacks, regardless of gender, as less intelligent, hardworking, ethical, and moral than other racial groups."
"Black professionals, both men and women, are often assumed to be less capable and less qualified by their white counterparts."
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