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Copy of Pasquotank River Basin

No description

Toni Spossey

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pasquotank River Basin

Pasquotank River Basin
By: Toni Spossey
The Pasquotank River Basin is in the Coastal Plain physiographic region.
Main Rivers
Some of the main rivers in the Pasquotank River Basin are..
Alligator river
Perquim river
Little river
Yeopim river
Scuppernong river
North river
Main Cities or Towns
Some of the main citoes or towns are..
Elisabeth city
Animal Species
Some of the animal species that live in the Pasquotank River Basin are...
Leatherback sea turtle
Hawksbill sea turtle
Kemp's Ridley sea turtle
Lake Phelps killfish
Atlantic sturgen
Black band sunfish
Plant Species
Some of the plant species living in the Pasquotank river basin are...
Sea beach amaranth
Carolina grasswort
Giant peatmoss
Pale managrass
Water plantation spearmont
water purslane
Population growth
Population growth will decay in the Pasquotank river basin because people with pollute the water and increase pressure and demand on the water waste treatment.

Amusement Park
By building an amusement park we can minimize pollution by putting up trashcans around the park. We can also not let people bring in outside food or drugs, and prevent people from leaving the food court with food or drinks. We can put water fountains up for people to drink from.
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