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International Tax

No description

Lauren Angle

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of International Tax

So, one day there was this crazy tax problem. Surjit was really confused. He wasn't sure if peanuts were dividends. He asked a bunch of his fall 2007 bp 2 students, but nobody knew the answer. the problem was this: if peanuts are dividends from Us Co's CFC, are they subpart f income? Surjit tried to ask Dr. Garvin, but it had been a LONG night. Debbie, Vicky, and Jenny had been at :08 the night before (LADIES NIGHT!) and needless to say, she was not her usual chipper self. Surjit then went to ask for Mr. Steve's advice. He caught him with his legs kicked up in his office eating some paw-paw. Mr. Steve just kept talking about AS5 and "ROLL-forward" procedures, but Surjit knew this wasn't the answer. Surjit realized his quest for knowledge wasn't getting him very far. He stopped and thought to himself, "What would Jesse do?" He knew that Jesse wouldn't let the tax tail wag the economic dog, whatever the hell that means. He knew Jesse would tell him, "Don't lose sight of the forest for the trees" and "Surjit, there are winners and losers in life, and right now, you're a loser." He knew he was getting nowhere. He stopped yet again, and asked himself, What would McGill do? Surjit thought long and hard when he had an "Aha!" moment. He knew that McGill would play some Grateful Dead, have a bad acid flashback... and drink a white russian in honor of The Dude. Surjit's main buds were in Miami... where McGill was giving out some awards to faculty. (It's rumored that he gave his ole pal Chuck the award for "Most Likely To Kill a Student", but no one knows the whole truth there. There seem to be a few rumors circulating about the Big Mac...hmmm...)
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