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Assignment Week 2: "Prepare a project in your DAW using the project checklist from the material as your guidelines"

Introduction to Music Production (by Loudon Stearns). Berklee College of Music and COURSERA. Assignment Week 2. Prepare a project in your DAW using the project checklist from the material as your guidelines.

Marina Arbat-Bofill

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Assignment Week 2: "Prepare a project in your DAW using the project checklist from the material as your guidelines"

by Marina Arbat-Bofill IMPMOOC PEER ASSIGNMENT Week 2:
"Prepare a project in your DAW using the project checklist from the material as your guidelines" PRE-PRODUCTION:
5. BUFFER SIZE This is the first screen that appears; Open (abrir) or Create (crear) a new project (proyecto) 1. Name your file well and check where is located Cakewalk projects are generally saved with the .cwp extension.
Cakewalk projects can also be saved as Cakewalk Bundles with a .cwb extension. Bundles will store all the project data including audio in the file, and are useful for sharing entire projects between Cakewalk users.

Cakewalk Bundles are not editable, if you open them in Sonar, they will be unpacked into Cakewalk projects. Cakewalk projects can also be saved as Templates for creating new projects. They have the .cwt extension. 3. Recording Filetype
Sonar is strictly PC (sorry Mac users). With the most recent version (X2a), touch screens are also supported.
Sonar X1 requires Windows XP or above. Sonar X2 officially supports Windows 7 and 8, though many have reported running it under Windows Vista without issue. 4.Hardware settings & DAW configuration I did my first try, recording my voice... 2. Digital Audio Preferences 5. Buffer Size Hi to all!! my name is Marina and I'm from Catalonia (NE of Spain). I'm 28 years old and although I love music is only a hobbie for me.
I wanted to learn the basics of Music Production and because of that I'm taking this course. Thanks for watching my presentation! I hope you understood and enjoyed my presentation; looking forward for your comments and recommendations.

Cheers! I I hope seeing you around!!!!!! Marina Arbat-Bofill my DAW I have the Cakewalk SONAR 8.5. LE DAW
it came with my ME-25 Guitar Multi Effects. So I'm using this trial version and limited edition for free. All the settings and paths are in Spanish (I'm sorry!!!) but I'll try to make them understandable with subtitles and translations.

I'm a new user and I've never recorded anything... so let's try! Hi! I'm Marina! here you have to choose the TYPE of project; there are some models for each type of Audio, number of tracks, if you record MIDI,... here (Ubicación) you choose where you want to save your whole project. Name (nombre) of your project (proyecto) You can also check where to locate each track...
(Options/Global/Folders). Here you can find other characteristics of your project... And you can also check your PC, the new folder for your new projec is created (with its own subfolders) OPTIONS/AUDIO OPTIONS
here you can check some controllers specifics in "Options / audio options"
Hardware requirements and what you have installed by now. new project recent project open a project First steps from the User Manual of SONAR 8.5 LE Buffer Size Options / Audio Options
GENERAL effective latency FAST SAFE SAMPLES 48000 hz Sampling Freq. LOWER the Buffer Size
LOWER the Latency Default Buffer Size
Better if we turn it down for recording FAST SAFE FAST SAFE Bit Depth Sampling Rate To change/check the BIT DEPTH

OPTIONS / AUDIO Audio DATA Bit Depth (profundidaded de bits) The default Bit Depth is 16 !!! be careful! Audio Controller Bit Depth You can also change it in AUDIO Settings and options. SAMPLING RATE (Frec. muestreo) set to 48KHz The default Sampling Rate is 41000 Hz! be careful Options/General Options

Audio Options move to the left to record Some comments There's not much to say; this is like a step-by-step to set up the SONAR 8.5 LE DAW for creating an Audio project.

The 5step checklist is easy to remember and very useful as a new user.

Tho good thing is that once you set up one project in your DAW you cal leave these settings for new projects in the future.
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