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Classroom Procedures


Sarah Sensibaugh

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures

Mrs. Sensibaugh's
Classroom Procedures

Entering the Classroom
Bring these materials to class each day: pencil (no pen), math folder, paper, and planner.

Your textbook is online, so you will need to know your student ID number in order to log in.

As soon as you enter the classroom, pick up your bell work from the black tray on the table or from your folder and begin solving today’s set of problems quietly.

Log in to Blackboard and write down the agenda for today in your planner. The teacher will take attendance. When the teacher is ready to begin class, you should be ready to go.

Moving Around in the Classroom
Please remain in your seat unless you receive permission from the teacher.

In order to receive permission, you must raise your hand and wait to be called on.

Please wait to recycle/dispose of paper or trash at the end of the period, unless instructed to do so.
Make sure you check your homework for your FIRST and LAST name with PERIOD on your paper.

I will deduct up to 5 points from your grade on homework, quizzes, tests, and projects.
No initials are allowed on your paper.

Make sure your work reflects your personal best. : )
Fire & Storm Drill
Class Guidelines
What is a guideline?

*Important information that helps guide a future course of action

1-In Your Seat
3-Ready to Learn

Class Policies
What is a policy?

*A procedure created in order to keep others safe and prepared

Listen to Instructions
Enter and Exit Prepared
Always Do Your Best
Respect Yourself and Others
NO Excuses!
If You are Tardy
You are tardy if you physically outside of the classroom without a pass when class is supposed to start. If this occurs, I will be counting you tardy.

If you are late to class, enter the room as quietly as possible.

Sharpening Pencils
Please sharpen your pencil BEFORE the bell rings. If you need to sharpen your pencil during class, there is a manual sharpener on the table; otherwise, please raise your hand for permission to leave your seat and sharpen your pencil.

*Only 1 student should be at the sharpener at the same time.
You must raise your hand and wait until the teacher calls on you.

You will have to describe your symptoms to me and I will write them on the pass.

Only a teacher or assistant teacher can fill out a form for you.
Leaving the Classroom
I dismiss the class. Please stay seated until I dismiss you.

Make sure you have all your materials before you leave the room, put your laptop in its case, push in your chair, and pick up all paper/trash around your desk.

Walk quietly out of the room.
RR during Class
If you need to use the restroom during class time, you may do so by raising your hand and wait for Mrs. Sensibaugh’s permission.

You must sign-out on the clipboard by the door. Please write your full name, period, and time you are leaving. Please take the boys/girls restroom pass with you. When you come back, write the time you come in.
RR during Class
Going to the restroom during class time is a privilege. So, please do not take advantage of this, or you will not go where you want to go.

Passes may be available per Mrs. Sensibaugh’s discretion.
Restroom Emergency
If you have a restroom emergency, please just leave without signing out!

Emergencies are also bloody noses, so please just grab a tissue and/or run to restroom carefully without dripping blood. : )
Telephone Calls/
Overhead Announcements
When the telephone call is announced, ALL talking/noise will stop while Mrs. Sensibaugh is handling the call.

When an overhead announcement occurs, everyone will go to a voice level 0 and listen carefully, even if you think the announcement does not concern you.

Please save any comments for after the announcement.
HW Due Dates
All homework is due the next day unless told otherwise.

Please turn in your paper homework into the “IN” tray, and placed in the proper class period when you walk in the door.

If there is electronic homework, all work must be complete before class begins.
*A REWARD RAFFLE will occur every Friday for homework turned in ON TIME*
Absent/Make-up Work
**Please write “ABSENT” at the top of your paper and place paper in “ABSENT” tray.

When you return back to school, it is your responsibility to check Blackboard for missed work. Also, there is a back board of assessments listed from the week.

You may pick up any paper work you missed in the absent folders located on the side of the room and/or I can help you pick up the correct materials. Feel free to ask questions after you have checked FIRST.
Absent/Make-up Work
You will have the same number of days you missed to make-up your work.

If several illness/absent days occur, each individual case will be decided on an individual basis by the teacher.

Late Work
**Please write “LATE” at the top of your paper and place paper in “LATE” tray.

Work received 1 day late will receive half credit.

Work received 2 or more days late will receive zero credit.

You may turn work in to be corrected, but you will NOT receive any points.
Extra Credit
This will be given at
Mrs. Sensibaugh’s discretion.
Textbooks are online. The website is:
Your username and password is your ID number.

You may check out a math resource book to take home with you.

This will need to be returned at the end of the year. Please keep in mind that you are borrowing the book, so keep the book in good condition. You will be responsible if your book is lost.
Immediately stop what you are doing and line up in a single file line with voice level 0 at the door.

Make sure Mrs. Sensibaugh has the attendance before leaving. The last person in the room will turn out the lights and close the door. Follow classroom policies and procedures posted in the room for directions to a safe location.

Please remain quiet and listen for your name to be called.
Going to Auditorium
Listen carefully for instructions for that particular day. Line up quietly when instructed to do so. The last person out the door should close the door and turn off the light.

Walk with voice level 0 in the hallway and do not disrupt other classes as we walk by. Stay together as a group and listen for special instructions before entering the auditorium.
Level 1: Teacher Classroom Procedure
There are suggested actions that a teacher may take. Whatever actions are taken should be documented before the student is sent to the office.

•Verbal Warning
•Talking individually with the teacher
•Contact parent (phone, letter, e-mail, or in person at school)
Level 2: Team Procedure
•TIP chair (reflection sheet) and parent phone call
•Lunch detention
•Meet with the student to clarify expectations and share strategies
•Meet with the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) to share expectations and strategies
•May refer to guidance counselor for conflict mediation
Level 3: Administrator
•Discipline Referral = AIR
•After school detention
•Meeting with your parents and all of your teachers

*Levels need to take place in sequential order unless severe behavioral infractions such as fist fighting, threatening a teacher, weapons, drugs, etc. occur. Such actions must be brought to the attention of an administrator immediately
I dismiss the class. Please stay seated until I dismiss you.

Make sure you have all your materials before you leave the room, put your laptop in its case, push in your chair, and pick up all paper/trash around your desk.

Walk quietly out of the room and have a great day!
Classroom Management & Rewards
ClassDojo is a classroom tool that gives instant feedback of student behavior in real-time. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.

Students will be rewarded by class and individually either daily, weekly, and/or monthly.
The Restroom
I prefer that you use the restroom before class.

The best times to use the restroom is:
1-before school
2-lunch time
3-after school

*REMEMBER you only have 2 minutes between classes
ALL students are required to follow the student handbook at ALL times.

This includes cell phones:
-Keep in locker with sound off

-If phone goes off in class, student is required to give phone to teacher (returned at end of the day)

-If repeated-teacher gives phone to the office (parent/guardian picks up phone)
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