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Rabbit Hole

No description

Amber Swanson

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole By: David Lindsay-Abaire SUMMARY Becca Howie Becca Jason Izzy Nat Charachters Becca- Married to Howie and was mother to Danny. She is grieving over the loss of her son, but keeps it to herself until she is motivated later on by other characters.

Howie- Married to Becca and father of Danny. He tries his best to console his wife but feels as lost as she does which makes it difficult for the grieving to console the grieving.

Izzy- Becca’s sister. She is not afraid to speak her mind and is very boisterous. She is also found to be the comic relief in the play.

Nat- Mother of Becca and Izzy. She suffers from the loss of her son who committed suicide who was also a heroin addict, and tries to relate on that level.

Jason- The teenager who killed Danny. Full of guilt he brings up the idea of a “Rabbit Hole” in conversation with Becca. With the idea that a Rabbit Hole is a parallel universe in which Becca in hope that it repairs the wrongs that he had caused toward her family.
Becca and Howie are a couple experience a traumatic event when their four year old son, Danny is chases a dog into the street and hit and killed by a car. Internally struggling with the death, Becca tries to redefine herself. She soon gets to know Jason, is the teenager who was the driver that killed her son, as they form a platonic relationship, reflecting on the meaning and significance of life. Meanwhile Howie searches for refuge in outsiders as he goes to group therapies and such that fill a void that Becca is unable to do. Themes Blame
Rabbit Hole
Grief Play's Production Critics About the Playwright Sources Any Questions? Thanks for listening! -It won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 along with various other Tony Awards

-It was first presented in 2005 at the Pacific Playwrights Festival

-It's first full production was given in New York in 2006

-It was also seen in many other major cities, some of which
including, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh

-It was also made into a Spanish version in 2010
seen in San Juan and Puerto Rico

-The movie version was made in 2010 -Wrote play Rabbit Hole in order to challenge himself. -Born Born on November 30, 1969, in Boston
-earned a scholarship to a prestigious prep school.
-He attended Julliard and after graduation -moved to NY and continued to grow as a writer. Overall the critic reviews are positive saying that this play is one that is Lindsay-Abaire's best works even with the controversial topic. Some critics find this piece of work to be odd for him though because it is so different from what he normally does. http://movies.yahoo.com/person/david-lindsayabaire/biography.html

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