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Cars vs. motorbike

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luisa tabares

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Cars vs. motorbike

Cars vs. motorbike Cars Vs Motorbike In modern day, people would like to have their own transportation, and the most of people usually buy cars and motorbikes. The most of people do not know if deciding between buying car or motorcycle, but actually car and motorcycle both have their strong point and weak point. There are many differences and similarities that motorbikes and cars share. The cars are more expensive than motorbikes, but people still think cars have more function than motorbike. Even though cars are more advanced and comfortable than motorbikes, the use of motorbikes is very high. Cars have many accessories that motorbikes do not have. For example, cars these days have anything from radio, CD players and navigational systems, it is impossible for a motorbike to have all these comforting features. Another major difference is that the car has a roof and windows to protect you from all kinds of weather. The motorbike on the other hand is not very protective against any type of weather. The car seats are way more comfortable than motorbike. Cars can carry more people than motorbike. On the other side Motorcycle can only carry two people at once, and its seats are small, and make people feels uncomfortable to ride on it than a car.
Motorbikes move just like a car does on wheels. They both have some kind of way of controlling the direction of travel. They both also have lights for night time trips. The motorbike and car have horn. They are both used for transportation and other purposes. A motorbike is somewhat similar to the automobile though. The motorbike made travel much faster than car. Most people however choose a car for transportation. Motorbike won’t use the gas as much as car does. So actually motorbikes save lots of money for the user than cars. Motorcycle is a lighter and smaller than cars and can easily traveling in the tiny roads, streets and solves the traffic jam problem than cars. As you can see cars and motorbikes are somewhat alike but yet also different. I myself would pick a car over a motorbike any day. I have a car of my own and love it, and will prefer it before a motorbike. Luisa Fernanda
Tabares Giraldo Video EnD
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