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No description

Anton Stanchev

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Dingo

The diet of the dingo
Native mammals, kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits and rodents
Domestic animals and farm animals, sheep, calves and poultry
Unpopular with farmer
2 month
one and ten pups are born
The Aborigines liked the dingoes a lot
The dingo does not attack humans
The Dingo
Canis lupus dingo
Australia’s wild dog
Young dingoes
Medium sized dog
117 cm to 124 cm long
About 30 cm long
Always erect
They howl
Australian - Asian
Males weight, 26 to 43 pounds. Females weight 21 to 35 pounds
Ginger coloured or sandy. Also dark coloured
Habitat and range
Mainly found in Australia
South Asia
Harsh deserts to rain forests
Either alone or in groups
Live up to ten years
Maybe live 15 years
A dingo runs on all four legs and can run very fast
A dingo can run at speeds from 32 to 48 kmph.
Defence or offence
A dingo is a predator
After it kills it, it eats it
Doesen't have a natural enemy
Especially the farmers
Something special
Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain was an Australian baby who was killed by a dingo, the night of August 17 1980 on a family trip to Ayes Rock. Her body was never found. When the baby’s parents, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, found out that their baby was missing, they reported that she had been taken from their tent by a dingo. The reporters did not believe what the parent told, so they thought that Lindy had murdered her own daughter. Therefore she spent more than three years in the prison. She was released when a piece of Azaria's clothing was found near a dingo cave.
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