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Copy of Sales Promotion

A marketing presentation

urwa shabir

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Sales Promotion

FREE STUFF Promotions As presented by: Let's get
shall we? Sales Andrew Washuta
Chris Kirkpatrick
John Sanclemente Agenda http://www.forbes.com/2007/06/20/omnicom-burger-king-ent-sales-cx_ll_0620freetrial.html
http://barnraisersllc.com/2011/12/12-case-studies-prove-roi-social-media-coupons/ References Jingit What are sales promotions? Coupons Sales Promotions in Social Media Sweepstakes Applications with Free Ads Marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, guerrilla marketing, and public relations that consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness

Important throughout the entire product life cycle What
promotions? stimulate Coupons f Social Media Ha Has Has Grown HUGE The goal of a sales promotion is to make the customer choose the product again. Bottom line:
Using Twitter encourages fans to tweet about an organization or follow them for chances to win prizes and promotional offers Sales
in Social
Media Organizations are increasingly using social media to heighten their sales promotions Organizations using Facebook encourage fans to "like" their page, thus granting them the ability to receive offers Free Trials Why offer ? Some customers may not be willing to pay for a new product, but will definitely try it for free If the customer enjoys the product, they will keep it and spread the word. The average person tells 16.5 people about something they like Sweepstakes A sweepstakes is a game that is entered when you buy a product, that gives you a chance to win a product of value. sweepstakes how can you not love that word? bogo? (buy one get one) Tempts customers to buy in bulk Many companies today use this tactic Free applications are like ice cream.
Everyone wants one. Though, there are some setbacks. With a free version, comes advertisements These ads are usually sponsored by the developers, in the hopes that you will pay the one-time fee and buy their product If watching ads is your thing, there are
apps like
Jingit Thanks for watching! Zoom out and scroll to the left for references Most widely used form of sales promotion Simply offers a redeemable discount on a good or service Free Trials BOGO
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