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Open House


Dodie Niemeyer

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Open House

Open House Mrs. Niemeyer dniemeyer@conroeisd.net Conference period:

Red Day: Block 1
Green Day: Block 4 Tutoring:
before school 6:50-7:20 or
after school 2:30-3:15 At The Woodlands High School, respect is the cornerstone of all our interactions and behaviors. We acknowledge the dignity and worth of one another, and strive never to diminish another by our conduct or our attitudes. Attendance on block scheduling Students are allowed one day for every day absent to make up work
If a student knows he/she will be absent, they should try to get the work ahead of time
If the absence is unexpected, student should ask for work as soon as he/she returns-this is the responsibility of the STUDENT English Department Late Work Policy

One day assignments such as homework or class work: NO LATE WORK
Long term assignments such as papers or projects: 20% loss of points for each 24 hour period they are late English Department
Grading Scale
Daily/homework grades make up 25% of the final average
Quizzes make up 25% of the final average
Major grades (tests/projects/final essays) make up the other 50% of the final average
Required Reading Animal Farm (may be purchased at the book fair tonight)
Each month students will choose one book (from the library or from home) Students will also read:
The Odyssey (in textbook)
Romeo and Juliet (in textbook)
Selected short stories, poems, and non fiction from their textbook and journals/newspapers/internet Students will also:….
Practice, improve, and refine their writing and communication skills
Edit for correct use of conventions and mechanics
Practice analytical and critical reading skills
Improve vocabulary Your student’s success depends on all of us working together. With your support, your student will be very successful at
The Woodlands High School. If you have any questions or concerns about this class, please contact me via email or the school anytime. Thank you for coming visit website for course information scan this code with your smart phone or go to goo.gl/egaKx and complete the parent survey
(link is on class website too) QR codes can be scanned with smart phone apps like i-nigma, red laser, QuickMark, ScanLife and others http://twhs9.conroeisd.net/Teachers/dniemeyer/
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