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Cassie Gliemmo

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of SOAPSTone

SOAPSTone - "I Have a Dream" Speaker: the individual or collective voice of the text; who might it be? What do you know or can you infer about him/her? Don't simply state the person's name, identify other characteristics of the person. Speaker: Martin Luther King, Jr. is the speaker; he is THE voice of the Civil Rights Movement; he is speaking for the equality of ALL people (regardless of color); MLK Jr. was a well-respected, well-spoken leader and reverend. Occasion: the event or catalyst causing the writing of the text to occur; what happened to cause this text to be written? You might have to infer from the topic, context, and setting to make an accurate assumption. Occasion: MLK is speaking at the Lincoln Memorial/ Washington Monument for a Civil Rights rally; What happened? The summer of 1963 was a summer of race riots setting off the Civil Rights Movement; MLK is speaking in Washington, D.C. - the nation's capitol - the heart of democracy for our nation Audience: the group of readers to whom the piece is directed; Writing is meant with an audience in mind...who might it be? Is the writing successfully written for this audience? Justify your opinion. Audience: MLK, Jr. is speaking to ALL people - specifically those seeking /demanding equality; his main core audience = Black Americans who want equality Purpose: the reason behind the text; what is the goal of this piece? What kind of argument or writing is this text? What makes this writing relevant and necessary? Purpose: Equality for ALL people, regardless of race, gender, religion. MLK's goal is for everyone to be treated equally and have basic inalienable rights; his speech is meant to persuade/ encourage immediate change for our nation and the treatment of Black Americans. Subject: the general topic and/or main idea; what is the author arguing or discussing? Be as specific as possible. Subject: Civil Rights and Equality for ALL people Tone: the attitude of the author; consider the occasion and the purpose for the writing to further pinpoint the TONE of the text. Are there shifts in tone? Tone: Entire Speech = PASSIONATE


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