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where did Halloween orginiate from and some other facts

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M2K Kids

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of where did Halloween orginiate from and some other facts

where did Halloween orginiate from, some other facts, when did Halloween start and what does the word Halloween mean.
Halloween came from the Romans and the Druids. Jack-o-launterns came from Illonios. Candy corn was named chicken feed. Halloween started about 200 years ago. A full moon on Halloween is really rare the next will be in 2020 the last one was in 2001. Halloween started about 2,000 years ago by the Celts. Halloween means the evening before All Saints Day.
history.com,wikipedia, and Halloween.com.
how did the idea of children dressing up in costumes and getting candy start? Why do we go trick or treating?
dressing up goes as far back as the 5th century B.C and it came from the Celts. A possibility is that trick or treating devolped from the British practice of handing out food known as soul cakes
How did Halloween become part of the American culture?
When people believed in witch and witchcraft they used to mark Halloween as a time where they showed themselves
how did jack-o-lanturns come about and why did we start carving pumpkins in the first place.
it came from an Irish folktale called Stingy Jack orginated from Ireland. He played tricks on the devil and Jack had to find his lost soul, so he used a turnip as a lanturn. We dont have turnips, so now the sub is pumpkins. We carve pumpkins to represent the souls of the dead.
facts about the werewolf
the werewolf is also known as the Iycanthrope. Poeple change to werewolf on a full moon. It takes a sliver bullet to kill a single werewolf. If you get bitten by a werewolf you will turn
Halloween be Mike Beckman
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