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Cell Analogy Household Cell

Honors Bio Blue

Robert Lewis

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Household Cell

Nucleus (Lego Steering Wheel+Manual) Cell Membrane (Cardboard Box) Golgi Body (Envelope) Cell Analogy Project (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Endoplasmic Reticulum (Straw) Lysosomes (Tum Pills) Ribosomes (Kapla) Mitochondria (Battery) Vacuole (Contatainer) Cytoplasm (Bag) Cell Wall (Plastic Container) Chlorplasts
(Solar Panel) Household Cell
Robert Lewis The reason why I chose a manual is because it is like DNA. DNA are the building blocks of life and instruct what you will look like, and who you are. A Lego manual instructs you how to build a Lego so it is a little like DNA.

A steering wheel controls a car while a nucleus controls the cell. Without a steering wheel, you cannot control a car and the same goes with a nucleus and a cell. Since the cell membrane covers the entire cell I chose a box to represent it. The cell membrane also protects the inside of the cell and the box protects my organelles that are inside the cell. Also only certain items can get into, so the box controls the movement of chemicals. An envelope is used to package a card or a letter. It protects the contents and it then it is ready to be sent to another place. This is the similar to the Golgi complex because the Golgi complex packages and then ships out the proteins just like an envelope does to a card or letter. The endoplasmic reticulum is like a huge passageway for a number of nutrients and other materials. I decided to use a straw to represent it because a straw is also a passageway for materials. The endoplasmic reticulum send materials all over the cell and the straw send materials from the glass to your mouth. Since Lysosomes are mainly used for digestion, I used Tum pills to represent them. People eat Tum pills when there stomach hurts in order to help with digestion. A cell sends Lysosomes to help with the digestion of materials. While Tums help your digestion. Ribosomes create proteins. Kapla blocks are used to create buildings. Piece by piece you can assemble a building using Kapla pieces. That is why I chose Kapla blocks to represent ribosomes. They both create things. A ribosome creates proteins, and Kapla creates structures. Since Mitochondria are basically the power plant of a cell I used a battery. The mitochondria supplies energy for the cell and batteries supply energy for whatever it is inside of. Hey are very similar because they both give out usable energy, but a battery will eventually run out of energy while Mitochondria will always be producing energy. A small container is like a vacuole because it can hold something. The small container can hold almost anything and it will protect either what is inside of it from the outside, or what is outside of it from the inside. Also you can transport the container without anything happening to the contents. The bag represents the cytoplasm because inside the cytoplasm, most of the cells contents will be found. Inside my bag you will find all my organelles just like the cytoplasm. A bag hold items together, just like the cytoplasm does. A plastic box represents the cell wall because plastic is stronger than cardboard and is more protective than cardboard. Also plastic keeps its shape and things inside would not be moved. A small solar panel will represent the chloroplasts in the cell. A solar panel converts sunlight into energy that can be used by machines or electronics. This is very similar to what chloroplasts do with sunlight; they use sunlight to power the plant cell.
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