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Senior Project

No description

Deniz Durmus

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project

Increasing Inspection
Efficiency and Effectiveness

Yasar University
Hugo Boss

Group Members
Deniz Durmuş
Hilal Balta
Müge Altınsoy
Müge Bakbak

Sencer Yeralan
Murat Fadıloğlu
Sinem Uysal
General Information

Hugo Boss founded in 1924.

German-based factory.

Main center is in Metzingen.

Hugo Boss Izmir Factory
Factory was started to produce in 1999
Men's Suit in 1999
Shirts in 2001
Woman and Sports Wear in 2004

White Collar Employee: 500
Blue Collar Employee: 3000

Supplier System
Main suppliers are Germany and Italy
Types of Orders :
Production Materials
Table1: AQL table in HB current usage
Flow-chart of AQL
checking process

Acceptance Sampling
Acceptance Sampling is a system that obtains if a lot should be rejected or accepted by taking samples of the lot.

Types of Error
Type I Error (Producer's Risk) = Rejection of a good lot

Type II Error (Consumer's Risk) = Acceptance of a bad lot
Plan Types of Acceptance Sampling
Single Sampling
Double Sampling
Multiple Sampling
Operating Characteristics (OC) Curve
Measures proficiency of sampling plan
OC Curve
Thank You...
Any Questions
AQL Application in Hugo Boss Izmir
Ideal OC Curve
Loss of prestige and revenue due to returned products from the customers because of quality problems.
Increasing Efficiency of AQL in Warehouse
The Extended of Problem Definition
Fishbone Diagram of the Problem
Company's Products
Perfume and Skincare Products
Kids Clothing
Home Textile
Mobile Phone
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