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Copy of "A Long Walk to Water" Chapters 7 & 8

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bob Jo

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of "A Long Walk to Water" Chapters 7 & 8

"A Long Walk to Water" Chapters 7 & 8
Learning Targets
1. I can use context clues (in the sentence or on the page) to determine the meaning of words in "A Long Walk to Water."
2. I can break a word into parts in order to determine its meaning and figure out what words it is related to.
3. I can analyze the development of a theme in a novel by identifying challenges to and factors in survival for Salva and Nya in "A Long Walk to Water."
4. I can cite several pieces of text-based evidence to support my claims about the factors that allowed Salva and Nya to survive in "A Long Walk to Water."
"Salva staggered forward with yet another enormous load of reeds in his arms. Everyone was busy. Some people were cutting down the tall papyrus grass by the water's edge. Others, like Salva, gathered up the cut stalks..." (p.43)
Terror (40)
Puzzled (42)
Reeds (43)
Papyrus (43)
Shallow Canoes (43)
Prow (44)
Monotonous (46)
Abundance (47)
Massed (49)
Gourd (50)
Desperate (50)
Chapter 7 Comprehension Questions
1. Why is Nya worried about her little sister Akeer?
2. What choices is Nya's family faced with?
3. What does Salva think has happened to Marial?
4. What obstacle does the group need to cross to get to Ethiopia?
5. How does the group overcome this obstacle?
6. How does Salva Help in this task?
Chapter 8 Comprehension Questions
1. What choice does Nya's family make about Akeer's illness?
2. What is the family told to do to keep Akeer from getting sick again?
3. Why will this be difficult while the family is at the lake camp?
4. Where does Salva's group stop on their journey across the Nile?
5. What does Uncle share with Salva?
6. What does Salva remember his father bringing as a treat from the marketplace? What was special about the way this treat was transported?
7. What happens after all the fishermen go into their tents?
8. What warning are the travelers given about the next part of their journey?
Salva is not sure if the fishermen share with Uncle because he has a gun or because he seems to be the leader of the group. Which do you feel is more likely? Explain in 5 or more sentences and cite one quote from the book.
What do the words reed and papyrus mean? Write the parts of the excerpt that could help you figure this out?
What does abundance mean? What did you find on page 47 that helped you figure it out?
Readers' Notes & Survival Anchor Chart
Y-Charts~ Complete two y-charts, one for each chapter
Read Chapters 7 and 8
Answer questions

Create Comic Strips

Look up information on Akeer's

According to the World Health Organization, waterborne diseases are the leading cause3 of death around the world. Here is a list of diseases:
1. Cholera
2. Typhoid
3. Guinea Worm
4. Dysentery
Waterborne Diseases
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