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The job I want to have.

Courtney Fletcher

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Veterinarian

Veterinarian. Average Salary: 57,000-82,000 Job Responsibilities for a veterinarian are mainly the care and looking out for the welfare of the animals. A four-year bachelor's degree in
college, plus four years of
veterinary medicine school. The future for this career in 10 years: would be the same as it is now pretty much. This career would be in its highest demand
in a place that there are alot of animals like where hurricane Katrina happend because alot of animals are homeless and probly starving because they dont have owners to care for them. Technology. Customers.
Science and math. Written and verbal communications. AVImark is one type of technology that the vets office use. -The type of customers that this
job would have
are animal owners.
-The people in this career work withother jobs like when they buy medicine and where they get there food to and things to take care of the animals that are staying at the vets office The problems that most often need to be solved
in this career are they need find outwhats wrong
with the animal and what they can do to help the animal. The type of verbal communications that are needed are they need to be able to speek
calm to the animals so the animals dont freak out.
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