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Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

No description

Judith Leon

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story
by: Judith Leon
Compare and Contrast
West Side Story
Romeo and Juliet
Tony= Romeo
Baby John=Benvolio
Doc= Friar Lawrence
Sharks= Capulets
Krupke= Prince Escalus
Action- Sampson
Montague Family
Lord Montague
Lady Montague
Baby John
Big Deal
Capulet Family
Lord Capulet
Lady Capulet
House of Escalus
Prince Escalus
others: Friar Lawrence
Glad Hand
Maria - Juliet
They both are young.
Have to marry someone they have no feelings for.
They both are in love with someone they can't be in love with.
Tony- Romeo
Both in love with someone they can't be with
Both died
Both kill someone
Maria - Juliet
Maria doesn't kill herself
Juliet is rich and Maria is poor
Juliet and Romeo get Married
Tony- Romeo
Romeo is in love with someone in the beginning (Rosaline)
Romeo commits suicide
Tony has a Job
Tony is a leader of a gang
Romeo is rich and married
Are very similar especially because West Side Story is based on Romeo and Juliet.

Begin with a fight between two groups of people who hate each other and they get stopped by someone who is in charge.

The two young people meet for the first time in a party and they know its love at first sight.

They know they can't be together because of their differences but they still want to.
They continue to see each other and they keep their love a secret.

Romeo/Tony comes to Juliet's/Maria's house because they want to see them again.

The two groups have a fight and Mercutio/Riff gets killed by Tybalt/Bernardo. When Romeo/Tony sees that his best friend is dead his anger gets to him and he kills Tybalt/Bernardo.

Romeo and Tony get blamed by their best friend for their deaths.

Romeo and Tony both try to stop the fight but fail.

Juliet/Maria finds out and is sad and mad at the same time. Juliet/Maria gets mad with Romeo/Tony for less than a minute.
Romeo/Tony is forced to leave because of what he did.

Juliet/Maria comes up with a plan to leave and to be with Romeo/Tony.

Romeo & Juliet/ Maria & Ton y make plans for their future together.

The wrong message comes to Romeo/Tony.

Romeo/Tony thinks Juliet/Maria is dead and want to be with them.

Romeo/Tony die and they are broken apart from Juliet/Maria.
Romeo comes uninvited to the party while Tony was invited to the party.

Romeo and Juliet talk to each other and kiss but nobody sees. Tony and Maria kiss and Bernardo sees them and makes Maria leave the party.

Bernardo is Marias brother not cousin. Tybalt is Juliets cousin not brother.

Tony comes to Marias house and they sing together.

Romeo comes back to Juliets house after the party and he tells her to marry him.
Juliet and Romeo talk to the Friar and ask him to marry them.

Juliet and Romeo get married the day after they meet.

The Jets and sharks want to fight and arrange the fight. Then officer Krupte comes to the Jets and ask them were the rumble will be tells them he on their side and that he will back them up, but the Jets don't tell him which angers him. Prince Escalus favors no particular side.

Mari and Tony have jobs unlike Juliet and Romeo.

Maria sings at her work about how she feels.

Anita and Maria are going to close up, and they Anita accidentally tells Maria of the rumble.
Then Tony arrives and Anita is surprised.

She figures out about them they tell her they are in love and she doesn't seem to be mad just worried that Bernardo doesn't find out.

Bernardo is kind of like Maria's dad because he tells her what to do and what not to, also he is making her marry Chino, just like Julie ts father is making her marry Paris.
Maria and Tony fantasize about their wedding.

Maria makes Tony promise to stop the fight. In Romeo and Juliet the fight was not planed.

When the fight begins Tony tries to stop the fight but Bernardo refuses and calls him a chicken.

Merutio and Tybalt get into a fight. They use swords.

Riff and Bernado fight using pocket knives.

Riff dies because he still goes on with the fight but if it wasn't for Tony, Riff would have killed Bernardo first. Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet's cousin because he killed his best friend Mercutio.

The two gangs didn't want the deaths of their friends and enemies to happen.
Chino tells Juliet what happened and she starts crying and saying that it can't be true when she gets to her room. Meanwhile Tony arrives and gets into her room thought the window She hits him but then gives up and he explains what happens and he forgives him right away.

The Nurse tells Juliet about the fight.

The nest morning Anita wants to talk to her because she is heartbroken after her boyfriend Bernardo dies. Juliet takes awhile to open when she does the nurse suspects Tony was there and looks out the window and sees him running away.
Anita is mad because she knows what happened at the rumble she yells at Maria for seeing Tony after what he did.

Maria tells he she loves him.

Juliet finds out she has to marry Paris on Thursday and the Nurse tries to convince her.

She tells her she willl mary Paris and then leaves to go to the Friar vowing to never tell the Nurse anything personal about her ever again.
Maria tells Anita to go to Tony and tell her she will be with him so that they can leave together because Tony is forced to leave for killing Bernardo. Anita goes to the Docs shop and when she arrives all the Jets are there she tells them she needs to speak with Doc. They tell her hes not there and she doesn't believe them. They start to push her around and they harass her until Doc walks in and stops them. Anita is really mad so she tells Doc that Maria is dead because Chino killed her.
Juliet comes to the Friar and then they make up a plan to fake her death so that she can leave with Romeo. Romeo would receive a letter telling him about the plan.

Romeo never gets the letter and then his servant tells him that Juliet is dead he is mad and then buys poison. He goes to Juliet's deathbed and then kills himself.
Juliet wakes up to see him dead then she kills herself too.
Tony runs away and starts screaming Chinos name so that he will come and kills him too. Then he sees Maria and runs to her they hug and then he gets shot by Chino. Tony dies in Maria's arms and she threatens to kill herself but she doesn't.

Both the families and the gangs reunite at the end.

In Romeo and Juliet there is more rhyming and poems and in west side story it is more singing.
1.What is the central message(s) of your adaption? Is it the same as in Romeo and Juliet?
2.Consider the media of your adaption in communicating its message. As a tool of communication, what are its strengths and weaknesses?
3.Does this adaptation appeal to the viewer's reason or emotion? How does it make you feel?
4.How does this adaptation differ from Shakespeare’s play? Why do you think this is so?
5.Would you recommend this adaptation to a friend? Why or why not?
Yes because it is a good movie and it is very similar to Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story is a lot easier to understand and I like it because it's about two gangs not families. West Side Story is the modern day translation of Romeo and Juliet. Maria doesn't kill herself which is good because it shows she is more mature than Juliet. It is a very accurate modern day translation of Romeo and Juliet.
Our differences don't define us. Yes because it is both about to groups of people hating each other and at the end they become friends and stop fighting at the cost of someones life. In Romeo and Juliet we don't know why the families are in a feud but in West side story we do, they are fighting over a piece of land.
This adaption is about two gangs not families. I think they did this because in New York they had a lot of gangs during this time and they wanted to relate it to the community today. They also speak in modern day English, because they want more people to watch the movie and understand it clearly. In Shakespeare's play he doesn't mention why the families are in feud and in West Side Story you find out it is for control over land. They also sing, which can interest more people to watching it.
Chino kills Tony which is sad because Maria and Tony were going to get married, but it also shows how there is violence in the world and some people learn things the hard way. I though that the plan is going to work because they had luck on their side but when Anita tells Doc, Maria is dead I was surprised because it she was Maria's best friend and she betrayed her. It appeals to the viewer. You can see foreshadowing too like in Romeo and Juliet because they talk about their hands being cold.
The message is very clear because it shows how you shouldn't fight with others because bad things can happen it also shows how some cops are racist The main message is to not let your differences define you. It is okay to be different but you should be nice to everyone that is not like you. Our differences don't define us because we are all humans and we are all made in God's image and likeness. It might depend on what point of view you look at it from. But Romeo and Juliet's differences shouldn't defined them and to them they don't. In West Side Story all of Tony's and Maria's friends thought that their differences defined them but Tony and Maria didn't care and still wanted yo be together. Maria and Juliet's parents and family think that they have to marry someone like them because their differences define them.Tony and Maria showed the two gangs that their differences didn't define them.
Maria has a job and is Puerto Rican
Baby John- Benvolio
Don't like violence
Baby John-Benvolio
Don't die
youngest Jet
tries to stop violence
His best friend is A-Rab
Best friend is Romeo and Mercutio
Tries to get Rosaline off Romeo's mind
Good Friends
Riff- Mercutio
quick tempered
Killed under their best friends arms
Riff- Mercutio
Riff is a leader of a gang
Mercutio curses the two houses
Mercutio doesn't belong to a certain side unlike Riff who is a Jet
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